Swiftly Measure Your Body Vitamin at Home with Vitastiq Pen

What can be more comforting than to avoid those long queues and waiting period at the clinic? As technology is becoming more and more accessible to households, medical diagnosis and daily activities can be tracked easily at home. Whether it is blood pressure or level of sugar in the blood, you can do it at home. This new pen from Vitastiq takes it a step higher. It can test and track your body vitamin, at home.

A Pen is Mightier

When the saying goes a pen is mightier than the sword, surely, they meant to measure and track your body vitamin without drawing blood. With an intrusion smaller than eyes can see, this novel device uses EAV or Electro-Acupuncture to detect electrical resistance inside the body’s acupuncture joints. And, since this is susceptible to change with a change of vitamin level, any kind of imbalance, the pen will detect it.

But, there has to be a lot of tests to find out if their lab tests stand out when we use an off-the-shelf piece from the stores. The instructions to use this are simple.

Take a Quick Pinch

All you need to do it gently press the soft metallic tip against the pressure points on your body. No, it won’t hurt. No, it won’t bleed. Imagine gently pushing our ballpoint pens nib on your toes. That is all it will feel. Yet, the Vitastiq can use this to measure all it needs to populate your smartphone’s companion app. This app will store everything and offers you the ease of tracking it. The readings are sent to the app right away without any manual intervention.

With Vitastiq, you can use this pen to measure and track your body vitamins with as many readings as possible over days and months, and then use this data to find and see the trends your body is following. When you show your doctor these results, you can understand what these trends mean or if there is any problem?

Actual Tests

With one reviewer online, this Vitastiq Pen showed really accurate results. Everyone suffers from some kind of vitamin deficiency regularly. This is because we do not take all kinds of food we should be taking. Now, in this case, the user reported low levels of Vitamin B12 and Zinc. When going to a medical store, and taking the Zinc supplements for two weeks. The user-tested the Vitastiq Pen, and found that the pen had detected the increase in Zinc, and reported normal level, instead of low, as before.


It is a neat device and works reasonably accurate but not precise.


It should not be used as a replacement for medical diagnosis or consulting your doctor if you need it.

Firm Conclusions

It is difficult to firmly conclude the tests because these devices can also go wrong or malfunction at times. It is a god and affordable way to track your vitamins. But, it must not be regarded as the same as visiting your doctor.