A Portable Printer that Fits Right in Your Pocket

A Portable Printer that Fits Right in Your Pocket

If you wear the skinniest of the jeans, it will still fit your pocket. The world of amazing and cool gadgets always has something we are not aware of. And, it always has the power to surprise us yet another again. EVEBOT is trying to make such an impact with their smart and versatile printing gadget. It can print on anything.

The gadget has been marketed till now with this sole tagline. Its USP is this thing. It can print on almost anything and anywhere. When one combines these two things together it means a lot. There are huge machines that can etch signs and draw designs on many types of objects. But, they are not portable or something you can carry your sunglasses.

Then, there is also stuff like the marker which can be used to draw anything on any surface, but it is not exactly a printer. So, the portable printer from EVEBOT is something to notice and here we are doing the same. This is a unique smartphone printer. One like no other, this is different than an Instax printer or a simple small printer.

A Printer that Prints on Anything and it Really Does

The printing technology has been there for a very long time, even before the paper was first invented by the Chinese. Those were the times when the fabric was used as the surface. Even stones were used as the surface. Inks have been made from naturally occurring pigments for a very long time. Some thousands of years back when humans were still kind of savages. Today, the device called EVEBOT PrintPen makes the magic a reality.

It provides full freedom to transfer your ideas from the brain to your smartphone, and real objects. This is an instant mini printer. It is perfect for several things like graffiti on the wall, making your own DIY pillow cover design, create a custom design or a quote on your favorite coffee mug, and finally your daily school’s homework.

As with gadgets these days it is an electronics gadget and has a lot of things inside that make this magic happen. It is something you would like to have as an alternative so that you can do what you have to do, anytime, anywhere.
Portable Printer

What it can do?

For something that can compete with the Instax printer and stay small, it has to be all that and be fast too. So, you have the nesting feature about this. It is a fast printer. It can do the stuff instantly and you will need less than a few minutes to master the art of PrintPen. EVEBOT is trying to make this a big thing.

PrintPen works with any smartphone and this was done to increase the versatility and appeal of the device. Also, if that is possible, why make it a premium thing? The brains of this gadget are in the technology beneath the hood. It is completely rechargeable and lightweight. This makes it your friendly portable printer too, even if you want to stay only formal and avoid wall art altogether. But, just in case the creativity strikes, PrintPen has you covered.

The Versatility of Printing on Any Surface

The PrintPen allows you to visualize your creative ideas on any kind of materialortable printer. It can print your design on textiles, wood, leather, metal, and even on your skin like a temporary tattoo. But, the EVEBOT PrintPen even goes beyond that. You can print on an uneven and rough surface too. If you have a textured wall or something like that, you can write on it.

Further, the company has plans to introduce it to the industrial sector too. They cite that this smartphone printer is useful for printing barcodes on your products too. Now, for huge companies that might not be feasible, but for small business owners, this is a blessing. Now, no running and chasing for placing small orders, you can do it yourself.

The smartphone app for PrintPen is what does all the magic. The hardware does the rest. That is printing. The app offers users with tons of fresh and new designs and further allows you to make adjustments, create custom stuff and your own design. So, just grab your favorite canvas shoe and write the best slogan you can think of. How about ?Adventure calls me, and here I come?? maybe something else. But, you get the idea.

Technical Specifications for the Unique Printer

The EVEBOT PrintPen is a small printer with a 26mm super large printhead. This means that it can cover the maximum space to print both text and artwork. It comes with four different types of ink and two types of ink cartridges. This is where the users are afraid. But, installing this is super easy and hassle-free.

The product is super easy to use and operate. You have to connect your smartphone app to the device by using the EVEBOT app and Wi-Fi. You can upload your custom image or design. Then, simply swipe on the surface to print the thing. The cartridges are all easily replaceable, the battery is rechargeable. And the device measures the only 255g, just like your smartphone.


  • PrintPen comes with skin-friendly ink and also fluorescent ink.
  • The professional-grade cartridge also offers standard-dye and ECO-solvent ink.
  • Light as your iPhone or Google Pixel.
  • It will cost $200 when ready to be shipped, available on Kickstarter now.


  • It must not be compared to professional printers worth thousands of dollars. So, it can’t do A3 size printing in one go and so on.

Final Thoughts

The EVEBOT PrintPen is truly an amazing gadget and can be really useful in every household for people in any profession and any age. You can print on acrylic, glass, paper, fabric, aluminum iPhone cover. Finally, prep for a nice fluorescent tattoo before you head to the party. It can do all. You can do all that with a product that fits in your pocket.