Medal of Honor Remake is Completely Redefining Modern VR gaming

Medal of Honor Remake is Completely Redefining Modern VR gaming

The last?Medal of Honor?game was the Warfighter version in 2012. The series continued with the second installment, which saw the first-person shooter game take a turn from the usual World War II setting. This development, however, did not gain as much traction as was the expectation. The poor reception forced the game off the shelves, until quite recently when its reboot was released. The announcement was made at the San Jose Oculus Connect 6, a virtual reality company owned by Facebook. The?Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was developed by Respawn, who gave us the Titanfall title. Respawn managed to introduce a fully immersive VR technology. The occurrences of World War II also inspired the series.

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In-Game Strategies on Medal of Honor

The?Medal of Honor?is significantly inspired by the filmmaker Steven Spielberg. His project, Saving Private Ryan, aims to shed some light on the impact of World War II to the younger generation. The immersive shooting experience in the game is much more exhilarating than the passive activity of watching the film.?Medal of Honor?begins by having the player at the front lines of WWII playing as a representative of the Strategic Services Office. They will collaborate with the French resistance, and the mission will be to destroy and eliminate the Nazi war machine.

The side missions will vary greatly as well. Gamers will have to take up different roles from investigative capacities to actual shooter campaigns.??Medal of Honor?will have you solving puzzles and look for certain critical items within the game. The war-ravaged environment has some stealth obstacles that will help you avoid detection by enemies. You will accomplish this by taking cover or crouching and stay away from enemies’ radar as you take them down one by one.

Virtual Reality Experience on Medal of Honor

The Oculus Rift S offers support for playing the?Medal of Honor?earlier release going by the title, Above and Beyond. Respawn hasn’t made it clear whether the game will be playable on the cord-free Oculus Quest, but the game’s return on virtual reality is quite a remarkable feat for VR gaming. The environment within the?Medal of Honor?has excellent attention to detail and highly immersive. The features are designed to emulate real-world surroundings.

The enemy gear and attire is within hundreds of megabytes worth of information and is much bigger than the entire?Medal of Honor?file size. Sound has been optimized to suit each unique location. This means that whenever you fire your Thompson sub-machine gun out in the open, you will feel a tremendous difference in reverb and decay as opposed to when you’re firing it inside a boat as it ricochets off the walls. Through this high level of immersion, it is possible to deliver a crisp triple-A?Medal of Honor?experience on VR gaming.

Medal of Honor Gameplay

As you go through the game, you will be required to employ different combat strategies as you fight your way out of the Nazi territory. Using the Oculus Touch controller, movement is done by manipulating the left thumbstick as you navigate the game’s environment. It is up to the player to decide which way to face, whether to kneel, crouch, or stand and following up on your enemy’s movements. Respawn has managed to incorporate some advantageous tactics that have not been seen before on the?Medal of Honor?series. You can distract guards, pick up numerous objects, investigate things you collect, and even throw them around as projectiles. The features are somewhat intuitive to bring out the aspect of real-world living without having to use tutorials to guide your actions. If you run out of ammunition when cornered by a guard,?Medal of Honor?is designed to let you improvise by throwing punches instinctively or by using objects around to incapacitate the enemy.

The game is also quite impressive in how the player handles each weapon. Some weapon functions on?Medal of Honor?like switching weapons and ejecting empty ammunition clips require you to press specific buttons on the controller. However, every other activity, while gaming on the VR headset, has to be done physically. You have to hold down your weapon sights physically, take the gun safety off and reload.

Oculus and Respawn have ensured that the renewed?Medal of Honor?title will become one of the best, fully immersive games owing to the work they’ve put in. The developers sought insight from military veterans and archived footage to correctly simulate all the gaming and combat actions. The 360-degree VR experience allows the player to see the actual world locations where the battles were fought.