Google Doodle Games Series to Help Deal with Stay at Home Boredom

Google Doodle Games Series

In this pandemic situation when everyone is getting bored at home especially the children as they cannot go out and play, Google has come up with a great idea of keeping you and your kids engaged within the four walls of your home. The search engine has recently started publishing some interactive series of Google Doodle game. It will bring back some of the most popular games from their doodles made in the past.

The Reason behind this Initiative

Google thought it would be the best time to initiate this kind of idea to cheer people because they are spending most of their time indoors to curb the spreading of Covid-19 and it would be the perfect time to offer them something interesting and exciting. This can also be a great time-pass for them and their children to kill boredom at home.

First Doodle Game of the Series

?Coding for Carrots? is a famous doodle for Google and this coding game is being brought back as the first doodle game of the series. It was published by the search engine in the year 2017 to celebrate 50 golden years of Kids Coding. It has been reported that this particular series will run for 14 days.

The Theme of this Initiative

The theme of this initiative by Google has been named ?Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles.? Coding for Carrots is the first throwback doodle game in the series. There will be a total of 10 doodles in the series and all of them will be past popular Doodle games published by Google. For the first series, you just need to create easy and simple commands to control and guide a rabbit for collecting all the carrots in different levels. The user interface is kid-friendly so your children can also play by just dragging and dropping the necessary commands.

Availability of the Google Doodle Game Series

The Google Doodle game ?Coding with Carrots 2017? under ?Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles? will be available in the countries,

  • India
  • Some parts of Europe
  • Some parts of Africa
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Some parts of Southeast Asia
  • North America
  • South America

It was reported by 9to5google that the giant search engine has plans to put out different series of games over 14 days. It is also expected that multiplayer games will be a part of this new initiative. Google has also planned to publish five games this week and the remaining five next week.

Google?s Latest Announcement

Google made an announcement recently to offer free access to its paid version of Stadia, the platform used for cloud-based streaming of games. As the campaign is going on for the new idea of Google Doodle game, the company now wants to promote the idea of gaming at home to keep the adults and children entertained within the four walls so that they continue to stay indoors to avoid further spread of Covid-19.