The All-New DualSense Controller on the Sony PlayStation 5

The All-New DualSense Controller on the Sony PlayStation 5

PlayStation has recently revealed the Sony PlayStation 5 to the world after years of anticipation. The console?s controller is now officially known as the DualSense controller. Sony did the revelation of the PS5 controller design through a post in the PlayStation Blog. The gaming console company gave out information on the new exciting features that the controller ships with after rolling out the first few images of the new, sleek console. From the name itself, it is clear to see that for the DualSense controller, the main point of focus has been put on the player?s sense, and this is particularly the sense of touch.????

Sony and Microsoft have rolled out some cutting edge console designs that have turned out to be quite exhilarating. Several comparisons have rendered the Sony PS5 the better of the two owing to its new DualSense controller that has turned out to be one of the best and most all-rounded controllers of all time. Sony hasn?t changed much of the design of its controllers, and with the reveal of this latest next-gen console, that is something that will change drastically.?

The DualShock controllers have dominated the world of gaming for a long time no. It was the original controller for Sony that set the base for other modern controller designs that are currently in the market. Aside from the DualSense controller, different models have followed after that, such as the Dual Analogue Controllers, the DualShock line from the PS2, and PS3 emulated that first design with some significant improvements set on redefining modern gaming control that is there now.?

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The True DualSense Design

From the looks of it, the new DualSense controller seems like an entirely different kind of controller and quite possibly better than any other out there. It has a two-tone color pattern with a sleeker, more rounded design compared to other controllers from PlayStation. The glowing blue lights give it an even more aesthetic appeal coupled with the new and reimagined button with the PS logo.

?Initially, Sony had stuck with one color, which was black. However, for the DualSense controller, white remains as the dominant color with a splash of black as the secondary color. Face buttons, the touchpad, and the grips are pure white while the lower mid-section of the controller is black. The shoulder buttons this time are also black.???

As for size, the DualSense controller is a bit larger than all its predecessors following the design adopted by the Xbox Series X controller. The Symmetrical thumbsticks have been retained with the trackpad slightly expanded. The face buttons have also maintained their trademark imprints, but the coloring has been replaced by subtle grey color. The share button on the DualSense controller is now called create with the options button taking up a new symbol too. The left and right trigger and bumper buttons have not changed, except for a little smoothening on the L2 and R2 buttons.??


DualSense 5 New Features

Sony officially revealed in detail, several features of this remarkable DualSense Controller. The more immersive haptic feedback feature has replaced the rumble that was on the DualShock 4 controller. This new technology will have the controller having a vast array of diverse tactical sensations instead of the vibration of the whole controller, as was the case with its predecessor. For instance, if you are in a game that has scenes of you running on ice, the DualSense controller will emulate realistic expectations, and you will feel the slipperiness of the surface you are on. It will now be possible to explore different vibrations depending on the game?s terrain, some of them even simultaneously.???

The PS5 controller?s triggers have been designed to offer you different resistance levels depending on the physical activity that you could be doing in the game. You will now be able to feel the stiffness of tight string, and the clink when firing a gun with the DualSense controller. Coupled with the haptic feedback feature, this will only enhance your gaming experience as well as enabling you to enjoy the games you play. There is also a built-in microphone that will help you communicate with friends without using a headset, as was the case with the PS4 controller.?

The DualSense controller is undoubtedly packed with a wide variety of features that are set to redefine gaming control for years to come. With the USB Type-C port connector, it will be a revolutionary controller with incredible battery life and overall performance advantages.?