Latest Ps5 News – Three Rumors Revealed For The First Time

It’s the start of the new year and it’s time to get Ps5 News out to the world. The wait for the full release of the new PlayStation 5 has started. This is because Sony has finally revealed a launch date. More importantly, though, they’ve given a few hints about how the new console will be different than any other before it.

As was expected, there will be two versions of the new console. One, the standard, is available for anyone who wants a PS5 but doesn’t necessarily want to go through the trouble of buying it new. You can buy the basic model for $100 or less, which offers you the same basic features as the original PlayStation. The other version is a little more expensive at about $300 and is the best option for hardcore gamers. Those who enjoy playing higher quality Ps5 games on the biggest consoles out there.

It offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top of the line game console, including a built in internet connection, Blu-ray for HDTV, a hard drive that’s over 2GB. An internal memory that’s over two gigabytes. An FHD display, four controller ports, a USB port, a camera. And other features to make sure you’ll have everything you need to truly enjoy your games.

New Designs:

In addition to revealing the release date, Sony has also revealed several new details about the design of the new console. They’ve improved upon the tried and true rectangular shape, replacing it with a sleeker, more sleek look. In addition to taking away the bulky rectangular box that took up so much space on the outside of the gaming console. They’ve managed to eliminate one of the biggest problems with previous models. The old problem was that the PS5 games couldn’t be played if you couldn’t connect to the internet. But the new patent pending technology announced today means that anyone can play online, regardless of where they live.

Updation of resolution:

The next rumor we’re going to discuss is the increase in resolution. Up until now, the PS5 rumor mill has been saying that the next generation console would offer resolutions between that of the original PS3 and Xbox 360. Now, according to the latest PS5 news, the actual resolution is set to be 6.2mm.

Best Motion Controllers:


Another rumor that has been gaining steam in the realm of PS5 news involves how the new system will function with the existing PlayStation Move motion controllers. Right now, the PS3 can only be used with motion controllers that are paired with a PlayStation Move pad. However, according to an anonymous source. The PS5 will have a compatibility checker to make sure that only the right controllers are being used with the new system. This comes in handy if you happen to have an older Move controller that doesn’t work with the new system. A compatible Move would make it easier to play with your friends and rivals. And it will allow you to enjoy more of the benefits that the PS Move has to offer.

Play up tp 4 Players:

Finally, we’re going to discuss the biggest rumor of all, which is the PS5’s gaming potential. According to anonymous sources, the next-generation console will allow up to four players to connect to one another in a game. In addition to allowing gamers to connect with each other in the game. This will also allow them to trade player information, strategies, and other information back and forth. These are some truly amazing features that will truly revolutionize online gaming.

The final thing we’re going to talk about in this PS5 news series is the possibility of Microsoft joining the new console wars. Microsoft is said to be working on a new next-generation console that will run directly in-line with the Xbox. No specifics have been given, but it is clear that the two companies are working together on this new concept. Whether this new system will be called Xbox Next or simply Xbox Scorpio has yet to be revealed. But we’ll keep you updated as soon as more news about the new system becomes available.

These are the three most recent rumors regarding the possible release of the next-generation of consoles. We’ve confirmed that there are rumors regarding at least one more major announcement by Sony. Stay tuned for more throughout the summer. The next time you hear something about a possible new-generation of consoles. Be sure to pay close attention to the Ps5 news.