How Apple Watch Revealed My Toxic Stress Level, and Helped Me Fix it?

A set of essential features like Sleep Watch, Breathe, and HRV Tracker available on the Apple Watch makes it unique. It not only helps one make changes to their unhealthy lifestyle but also checks over them. The heart-rate monitor can notify you when it finds an abnormal condition. Or the Breathe app is a wonderful way to start your day. Using all the features together and consistently can help you manage your daily stress and healthify yourself.

The Chronicles of App-Activity

What kind of activities do you need to stay healthy? Physical and mental health and well-being are most important, and the Apple Watch can help you achieve it. With the high-tech equipment and sensors in it, you can quantify your sleep better than any other sleep tech and use the insights to make changes. This can help identify bigger issues such as unhealthy stress levels. With the help of other apps, you know exactly what is going wrong? These apps monitor and keep a watch over your activities 24×7 and all this data is crucial. Not only the apps can themselves suggest inputs but they can also be used to get a recommendation from doctors and physicians with the help of the collected data.

Getting Healthier and Reducing Stress Level

It was a big challenge not just to test the apps but also to sincerely follow and try to get healthier. I started with the Sleep Watch app on the Apple Watch. When the reports started making rounds suggesting Apple was working to add a sleep tracker into their watch, it was a sure thing to try out. First, I wanted to see if it had enough battery to go through my sleep cycle. Of course, I had to get used to sleeping with a band tied to your wrist, but it was worth a shot.

After a few initial days, I looked at the data it had collected and was pretty amazed. In testing three versions of Sleep Watch, the app felt polished and well-made. It offered nutrition, exercise, and sleep inputs when I needed the most. It helped you discipline your daily routine. Even early attempts like Fitbit and tons of other health and fitness bands do not have such extensive features. SLeepWatch was far more accurate than most popular alternatives like Sleep Number and Early Sense, and this was a big surprise.

Second, the heart rate variability and Activity ring on the watch together make a great tool for exercise. You could see making 10,000 steps with it. You could see beginning 5 to 6 hours of sleep every day. In the final score, you could see yourself improving. There are several ways the app helps you. Below are some indicators.

  • Total Restful Sleep Time
  • Sleep Disruption Percentage
  • Average Sleeping HRV
  • 7-Day Sleep Rhythm
  • Sleeping Heart Rate Dip

These are wonderful means and monitoring methods with the help of which Apple Watch cannot just help you reduce your daily stress but also make you healthier. It can help you fix it with facts in the form of visuals of what you’re up to.