A New Upcoming Game for PC Gamers (Watch Dogs: Legion)

This is a new adventure waiting to arrive on your desktops and laptops. In a future where Britain is out of the EU, a post-Brexit era is the background of this story. You can play as any NPC with the new upcoming action-adventure Watch Dogs: Legion. And, this is the third installment in the series making it the third set in the distant dystopian future setting. The previous episodes were set in Chicago and San Francisco, but this one takes you to London. According to the creative director Clint Hocking, they wanted to do something in other parts of the world too and not too in the future but based on current events.

A New Twist in PC Games

This new adventure in Watch Dogs is bringing a somewhat forgotten theme well-played back in the past. Here, each of the characters can be a true protagonist in the game and the game evolves from its perspective and based on its actions. You can recruit them for your cause and each of them comes with their own characteristics and powers. Yes, they work together and you can choose which of them to work with.

Ubisoft shared some visuals as well to appeal to the upcoming generation of gamers willing to try this new approach. It was offered as hands-on too in the expo. As we know now, many people who go their chance came back impressed with the gameplay so far, but all will be revealed only in the year next, early 2020.

According to some sources, this game was supposedly delayed from 2020 to 2021. So, if they are going to make it much better and polish on the rough edges, as with all?PC games, it is sure to make their fans wait a bit longer. Originally, it was planned to be released in March 2020. It was also noteworthy that Ghost Recon’s poor reception and reviews pushed the Ubisoft team to ponder on their mistakes and make necessary changes before releasing the new Watch Dogs installment.

Gameplay from E3 2019

There are a few videos on YouTube where you can enjoy the gamers as currently designed. The graphics look really stunning and you can comprehend right away the color scheme and lightning that shows Britain very much as it looks now in photographs. With clothes and appearances of characters strikingly similar to a near, but not too distant future, this is expected. Everything from hairstyle to weapons, you can see the similarity. Of course, there are additions too. Here (https://youtu.be/g075jpjQu-c) is a 30-min gamers recording on YouTube.


  • The gameplay looks appealing, and graphics look bright and vivid.
  • The contemporary look might be an appealing and fresh take on dystopian landscapes everywhere else.


  • The exact controls and structure will be revealed in 2021, so take all with a pinch of salt.

The Legion

With all franchises, bringing new episodes and storylines for characters, and appealing to gamers can be a tough job. Yet, action games are the most beloved in the industry.