Controls your smart devices with Padrone Ring

Something out of a science-fiction novel, this ring gives you the ability to control anything with your fingers. Unless, you are in the 21st century, and we know this is not black magic. The product is known as the Padrone Ring, and it is a mouse you can use for your computer regardless of where you keep your hand. The applications are unlimited where you can control anything on a large screen such as your TV right from your bed or chair without holding a big remote or getting up.


Imagine sitting and watching a movie on your MacBook with a couple of friends, where you nicely arrange the MacBook on your table and sit back on the couch. To pause or resume, you have to get up again and again, now, not anymore. Just use your ring, and pause or, right-click, and select another movie to watch. No additional software setup, using some casting device, and use your smartphone as a remote. No hassle, simply use your finger.

The Tech behind This

The Padrone Ring is made by a company called ?Padrone?, which is an Italian word that is based in Switzerland and started its research and development in 2012. It took more than three years, to develop the prototype, and this is now a beautiful wearable, that transforms your entire desk like a big touchpad.

The tech works on a desk, or any hard surface. So, that is all that is required. You can control it from a distance. You can customize this ring based on your preferences and use. So, for creators, artist?s engineers, the actions can always be modified. The idea is to replace your mouse, with your fingertips. And, the aforementioned applications are just the future of this nascent tech.

How does it work?

When you keep your fingertips on the hard surface, the cursor starts following your fingertip. So, if you want to scroll, you just do that gesture on the table, or that hard surface you are resting your wrist on. You do not have to force your hand on the laptop’s mouse area, but keep it relaxed nearby. Supposedly, you are wearing it on the index finger, tapping it is a left-click, and tapping the middle finger is a right-click.

It used Bluetooth low-energy, which is a relatively new tech to be introduced to the public. So, just slide the ring, and it connects via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth-enabled device. So, no USB port with comparable latency, and greater ease of use. It is ready for mass production as of 2019.

Padrone Ring device


  • The ring design is very neat, and convenient.
  • The energy requirement, installation is negligible.
  • Full-day battery on a single charge.


  • It may not work as a gaming mouse, for example. It serves regular mouse usage.


The ring is entirely based on the intended application to whether it replaces a mouse or not. But, for most people, this is a cool gadget.