A New Online Game for Hardcore Gamer (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

If a new ?Gun Fight? mode or a complete new Ground War is about to debut soon on COD: Modern Warfare. It is one of the most promising and long-standing franchises taking a modern take on warfare than the World War inspired game plots of its time. With the recent introduction of its multiplayer, activation further grounded its presence in the online gaming market already saturated with several first-person shooter mods and plots. With more engaging and polished multiplayer games that can only be played on the internet, COD mobile managed to bring one the best multiplayer games so far.

For Multiplayer Online Games

The new 2V2 game is cherished by content creators for the ?Gun Fight? mode on their Twitch channels. For more information, all the available game modes will be released under the Modern Warfare 2019 title. As far as the current news goes, there is confirmation that ?Gun Fight? is going to receive a major update from its mini-multiplayer world. At the start, all the players are given the same class and are randomized every few rounds. The one to first go to 10 round is the winner.

This list is backed by tweets from ?The Gaming Revolution? who stated that there will be 5 game modes in total. The entire list of game modes will be added to the game with a gradual release, some with the launch and post-launch. There are 13 to be confirmed so far. ?Defender?, ?Demolition?, ?Drop Zone?, ?Hardpoint? is some of the post-launch game modes. The CWL held at Miami this year introduced some of these modes. As the new multiplayer game was revealed, it brought a breath of fresh air to the fanbase of COD.? While the first game was released in 2003, it is well over 15 years to keep the game still relevant.


The core and hardcore game modes of the reported Call of Duty 2019 include Team Deathmatch, which is usually one of the most sought after mode. Being able to form a team and confront your enemies is the bread and butter of this game genre. There is a ?Survival? mode which is but succinct. Search & destroy is another hardcore game mode. Here players will be given several objectives and you have to look for them. This involves something like a stealth and fight approach. Then, there is ?Kill Confirmed?, which is also a core and hardcore part of the game.

Ground was a massive 64 player campaign and will take you to the edge of fighting alongside your own company on the battlefield. Controversially, though, some of the biggest hits of COD have been their multiplayer offers for quite some time, keeping it afloat in the market.

Call of Duty has always tried to deliver its best to gamers for both single-player and multiplayer campaigns, however, with mobile devices and online games connectivity, players are more inclined towards multi-player and even simple matches against each other. This has proved to be a strong aspect of sales over the past decade.