Ozobot: A Robot that Follows Our Guidelines to Move

One of the biggest things to happen in the field of education is to get the children to be well-educated about computers. But, the hardest part that the teachers face today is to drive them to learn about the computer and the process of writing computer programming languages. A Southern Californian startup company has found an answer to this tedious task by creating a miniature robot called the Ozobot. This is a cute looking tiny bot that will teach the children how to program and make it fun and entertaining.

What does Ozobot do?

This is a tiny little robot that will help in the unification of the digital and the physical worlds. This is a tool used in many schools to teach the kids computer programming. These robots are designed in such a way that they will move following the patterns that are drawn on paper or any other surface. The bot can easily identify colors, lines, and codes both on physical surfaces like paper and also on the digital surfaces like tablets and iPads. It can follow the line that drawn and can be called a smart line follower bot.

The Ozobot Bit has a very simple, but effective form of programming that will offer thrills and spills to the children and even adults to create a wide array of racetracks, maps, and mazes for these bots to move on. The bot can customize to change the course of action by changing the colors of the line in between. If this done, the bot will either look to speed up or spin in a circle, depending on the color codes used.

It can be programmed to do what the user wants by making use of the software that is available along with these robots.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • It can offer encouragement to the kids who run away from coding.
  • It is easily portable and will interact with lines on paper.
  • Not durable and can break easily.
  • The app and web browser programming of Evo could frustrate the kids.

The Latest Version of Ozobot??

After the success of the Ozobot primary model, the company has come out with the tiny bot Evo. This new robot not only follows the line that drawn on paper or digital surfaces, but it has sensors fitted to interact and communicate with a speaker, lights, and the environment. The Evo developed to target the high schoolers as it will automatically react to the modifications in the environment.

Programming Ozobot Evo and Bit

Both the Bit and the Evo mini-robots can program to follow the lines that the user draws. It programmed to follow color codes that the kids can draw on plain paper using the color markers. The kids can also use them on digital surfaces like tablets or computers by programming it online through OzoBlockly. This programming editor will offer the user full control of the bot’s behavior and the movements. This program runs on all modern computers and is compatible with Apple and Android tablets. The program editor allows the kids to create their own block programs and load it onto the Ozobot to make it move according to their instructions.

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