Razer keyboard holds up the advanced features and technology


Razer keyboard is a Mechanical keyboard that is specifically designed for gaming consoles by providing unfair advantages through a firm range of switches and variations. Especially Esports athletes, the Razer keyboard is becoming the prior choice for pro gamers. 

Most importantly, the best Razer keyboard holds up the advanced features and technology. Importantly, to meet up with the latest trends and competitive gaming demands, the Razer keyboard added up the fastest speed wireless technology. 

Accordingly, the Razer wireless advanced technology reduces delay in response time and avoids hyper-responsive rate. Further, to speed up the advanced process, the company uses an

Ultrafast radiofrequency. Furthermore, it provides less delay to translate the data in short click latency that has been ever recorded yet. 

Razer Gaming Keyboard

What are the elite traits of Razer keyboards? 

Fundamentally, if you are an online pro gamer, then you exactly know about comforts and discomforts regarding your keyboard. And most importantly, by considering those discomforts, you need to change your keyboard. 

The Razer keyboards are the best and claiming gaming tool which holds different features and properties according to your game’s demand and needs. So, choose the right one to reach the best of your ability to make the game, your own game. 


Importantly, for a gamer, it is an obvious thing to complete the game anyways. But if you get roommates, you can not stay tuned, especially if it’s rest time. Indeed, here you can get a great benefit from this enhanced performance Razer gaming keyboard by its backlighting feature. 

Specific backlighting 

Moreover, the Razer gaming keyboard allows you to adjust and also some of its features keyboards allow you to customize the specified colors of lights. The colors include deep purple, shocking pink and ultraviolet blue also. Further, you can dim and brighten the light according to your room requirements. It will never allow you to miss any key, even in dark space. 

Value of Macros 

Critically, the serious pro gamers know the term of the Value of Macros. Basically, the Macros include dealing with complex commands in-game to simplify-long, with a single keystroke. Further, the setup of Macro is easily provided by the Razer keyboard. 

Gaming Keyboard additional keys

Additional macro-keys 

In addition, some Razer keyboards hold additional macro-keys placed on the most left column. These additional keys are comfortably programmable and reachable quickly. This ensures you all keys and commands are near to your hands. 


Sometimes, whenever you do critical settings of your games or any other programmers, you normally forget those settings after some time. This can create stress for a while, how to remember the whole process? The Razer keyboard executed a solution for you right on their keyboard. 

Most importantly, the Razer keyboard holds a macro recording button. Before executing the required sequence and process, click the recording button. Mainly, to save the recorded

sequences, tap the recording button again. Consequently, it will save the entire process in the form of recording for future ease.

razer keyboard


Importantly, the Razer keyboard ensures its highest speed wireless keyboard and mouse. The Hyperspeed Wireless feature is specifically designed as a stable device to perform even in most data-saturated and noisiest environments. 

Furthermore, it contains Adaptive frequency technology that holds to scan channels. It has the ability to scan by every millisecond. Consequently, it knows about which frequency to avoid and which to continue not to let to shutter your wireless connection. So even if many devices are working at the same time with different or similar frequencies, the Razer Hyperspeed wireless ensures your level of performance.

Additionally, through in-built Hyperesponse technology ensures that as you hit any key, it will exactly perform simultaneously on the screen. 

Moreover, the Razer keyboard holds two key infrastructures. 

  • Mechanical 
  • Membrane 


Notably, this sort of keyboard holds the keys that provide distinct feedback through their sensation of touch through different forms of pronounced clicks. 

Mostly, online game players become satisfied as through different tactile pronounced voices and keys touch feelings, they become assured about the command being executed 100 percent. Further, each key requires less actuation force about (45-50g). 


Importantly, the Membrane keyboard’s keys come with smart keycaps and are placed on the membrane web below the board. Gamers love this keyboard due to its slim keys that let their fingers move fast towards the next keys. 

Works as an anti ghosted keyboard 

Amazingly, if you press the keys with all fingers of both hands, this keyboard will give ten keys voice ringing at once. So, we can say the Razer keyboard, a ghosted-keyboard. Further, if we do so with any other keyboard, it will result differently as non-gaming keyboards may contain many hardware limitations. 


What should a gaming keyboard provide to its users? 

  • Ports 
  • Multimedia control 
  • Braided fiber cables 


Impressively, the Razer keyboard holds ports such as audio-out, mic-ports and also includes a USB pass-through port. Basically, you don’t need to go behind your PC, especially to plug-in headset or storage devices. 

Multimedia controls 

Notably, the Razer keyboard provides an uncommon and simple style to control your music and movies as well, in your hand.

Importantly, it allows you to simple press to fast forward, play, rewind. Further, it holds clean access to movies and music. 

Braided fiber cables 

Importantly, the Razer keyboard carries braided fiber cables used as USB cables. Notably, fiber cable terms as durable cables. Accordingly, these cables hold crush resistance design, wider, and provide a great length to connect to your buffers or speakers. 

Wireless keyboard 

Basically, the Razer keyboard holds the wireless mechanical efficient keyboard. It contains the Chroma lighting with connectivity includes Bluetooth and Wireless support about 2.4GHz. 

Impressively, the Razer keyboard is always appealing to its user as it holds a great number of gaming grades. Especially in offices, the Razer white keyboard gives an appealing look. 


razer keyboard

Foundationally, the manufacturer of the Razer keyboard worked with ergonomic scientists. Especially to find out about the hand curves, how a person can move and put their fingers and

hand in the right position without discomfort. Considering these points, the manufacturer optimized the keycap space and height that specialized according to the exact optimal actuation. 

Basically, it includes the two strategies. 

  • Palm rest 
  • Adjustable hand, palm rest modules, and thumb 

Palm rest 

Notably, all the Razer keyboards are fundamentally designed by considering palm rest. Due to your wrist supports you for longer-term, you can say until your victory. 

Adjustable hand, palm rest modules, and thumb 

Razer keyboard provides the adjustable keys to maintain your fingers at the exact position. Further, it allows you to hit all the keys without feeling any hassle or strain, whether it’s your first hour or the tenth hour playing the game. Furthermore, it also includes the feature that it is ergonomically designed for all hands and fingers’ size. 

Comparison guide 

Importantly, the Razer keyboards provide your game in a fast way due to Razer’s Hyper speed wireless feature. Consequently, it provides a 25% faster speed as compared to other wireless gaming mechanics. 

Most importantly, to execute this fast speed, the technology is used to make great links between mouse and PC. Similarly, it also included ultrafast radio frequency to maintain the speed up to process better even further. Due to it provides the low clicking latency to attain the top record to maintain performance. 

In addition, it also benefits you to play for a long because of low estimates click latency. It takes less power of the mouse. So, you don’t need to charge it longer-term. 

Razer Mice 

Primarily, the Razer keyboard and mouse are invented accordingly to enhance the performance of the gamers. Razer is a brand that has invented the gaming mouse categories as well. Basically, there are two main things to make a mouse deadly accurate to raise game performance. 

  • Mouse grip 
  • Accuracy 

Notably, if you want to choose any wired or wireless mouse, the mouse should be specifically specialized for MOBA or FPS.

Razer Naga for Left-handed users 

Razer mice also contain editions for their left-handed users termed as Razer Naga left-handed edition. Specifically, this mouse is promoted by an ergonomic mouse for MMO gaming. Primarily, all buttons of this edition provide a thumb grip of 12-buttons. Mainly, these buttons are designed ergonomically with optimal positions that can be accessed easily, quickly, and comfortable to hold. 

Why is the Razer keyboard the Ultimate Weapon, especially for Esports? 

Fundamentally, the Razer keyboard is designed by considering to deliver the whole satisfying control right by your fingertips. 

Impressively, the Razer gaming keyboard is a multi-awards winning keyboard that comes with Mechanical switches and variations specifically for gamers. With the Mecha-membrane hybrid, the keyboard holds precision, speed and provides you an effective typing experience. 

Other premier features of Razer keyboards 

The Razer keyboard is becoming the top-ranked and top reviewed gaming tool. In addition, it includes the following incredible extra features. 

Water and dust resistant

razer keyboard

Importantly, whenever you get a big victory, you will definitely get excited mentally or physically. You may get up and jump to express the victory in this situation, and there comes a tragedy. After a while, you become known you accidentally threw the glass of water on your keyboard. Consequently, you get worrying about how to handle this situation and thinking, will you be lucky to use your keyboard again or not. 

Importantly, the Razer keyboards are water-resistant, in other terms, they are water-proof. So, be confident and enjoy your victory freely. 

Let the light shine under your control

Impressively, the Razer keyboard introduced a unique feature termed as Razer switchable interface, especially in Razer Deathstalker Ultimate edition. Mainly, this feature is a resolution toward a new way to enjoy the game.

Importantly, this feature adds ten dynamic Tactical keys and an LCD multitouch track panel. Basically, these ten Tactical keys allow you to control program hotkeys, in-game commands, and Macros as well. 

Integrated apps 

Uniquely, the Razer keyboard provides switchable UI to run non-discriminatory apps, including Twitter, Gmail, Facebook YouTube, and even it allows you to browse the internet as well. 

Long-lasting durability 

Mainly, the Razer keyboard comes with Mechanical switches to maintain Its top-quality performance and provides a real reliable feel due to its long-lasting durability. 

Fundamentally, the technology is used to design, and switches are assembled in-house that ensures its authoritarian obligations in producing each switch. Furthermore, this effort results in a life span of approximately eighty million keystrokes. 

You can set All the settings to belong to your Cloud

Notably, if you configure all settings of your Razer keyboard on Synapse 2.0, and save it to your Cloud account as it allows you to save you all settings and also download your saved settings to your new device. 

In addition, the Razer Synapse 2.0 also downloads firmware updates and drivers automatically for your Razer device. 

Backlit keys 

Mainly, the Razer keyboard features backlit Ultimate edition. Additionally, it provides spirited lighting effects, Which are set by Razer Synapse. 

IP54 Certified

razer keyboard

Specifically, the Razer keyboard is IP54 Certified to ensure the quality of the product. Further, Razer takes international certification to maintain the trust and quality of its customers.

Normally, most users do not know the term IP54. Basically, IP stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection. That means the rating fulfills the International standards of British BS EN. Mainly, these standards define the merit of effectiveness sealing of electrical enclosures. 

Importantly, the numbers like 5 and 4 define different values of protection of equipment in case of moisture. 

Furthermore, the values of the numbers are defined below. 

5: To protect against the limited entrance of dust, with no harmful installation 4: To protect against soil items over 1mm, for example, wires and nails. 

Razer Technology includes: 

  • HyperClear mic 
  • TriForce Drivers 
  • 5G Sensors 
  • HyperSense 
  • HyperSpeed 
  • Mechanical Switches 
  • Optical Switches 
  • Chroma RGB 

Best Razer keyboards 

Razer keyboard models bring so many options. Now the only thing is to choose the right one according to your requirements and preferences. 

Importantly, players are always searching for multiple functional and high-quality products. Consequently, you can easily access the desired keyword by selecting the best feature from the following top five keyboards. Here we present you the most popular and top reviewed Razer keyboard by pro players. 

  1. Razer Ornata Chroma 
  2. Razer Blackwidow chroma 
  3. The Razer Cynosa chroma 
  4. DeathStalker Essential by Razer 
  5. Razer Huntsman Quartz Edition gaming keyboard 

1- Razer Ornata Chroma

razer keyboard

Mainly, the Razer Ornata Chroma is constructed as a gaming keyboard that makes use of the exclusive hybrid switches. Specially, these keyboards contain both Clicky Mechanical as well as membrane switches. Further, this Razer keyboard contains the following features. 

Backlit keys

razer keyboard

This Razer keyboard provides Ultimate personalization to enhance gaming impressions. It includes hardware terms Razer Philips Hue and 168 million colors with the specified colors Backlit keys. 

The Razer keyboard style is traditionally straight as its black, except it changes colors through backlighting. 

Mechanical membrane 

Importantly, this Razer keyboard carries high-performance Mechanical membrane switches that include strategic feedback of key press. Furthermore, through a comfortable soft membrane rubber vault switch, which is mainly suited to gaming players. 

Razer Hypershift 

Notably, the Razer Ornata Chroma keyboard holds macro support Razer hyper shift that maintains the keys and combination of All keypress to reallocate to implement complex commands. 

Durable construction

Most importantly, the level of durability holds the construction support onwards and up to eighty million clicks. 

Magnetic Wrist 

Specifically, the Razer keyboard contains a magnetic wrist which is made of soft leather material. Importantly, it maximizes its comfort level as well as convenient configurations. 

2- Razer Blackwidow chroma v2

razer keyboard

Most importantly, the Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard will definitely make you feel the difference. However, it’s a Mechanical gaming keyboard with three main extraordinary features. 

  • Three Mechanical switches variations 
  • Macro keys 
  • Ultimate comfort for hours 

Razer Synapse

Notably, Assign Macros and rebind buttons perform to save the profile to your Cloud account. Additionally, it prospects the advanced capabilities according to the ultimate hardware tool. 

Backlit keys and durability 

Importantly, it contains Backlit keys to enhance display according to your choice. You can even benefit from Backlit keys in a dark room where surrounding people get disturbed because of your night gaming habit. Further, the durability holds up to eighty million keystrokes. 

Ergonomic wrist rest 

Basically, it’s an ergonomically designed gaming keyboard that ensures the longevity of playing the game comfortably. 

Anti-ghosting and dedicated keys

Notably, the Razer keyboard allows you to carry out ten commands at a time, as well as it includes five extra dedicated keys that feature audio and also USB go along.

3- The Razer Cynosa chroma 

Most importantly, Razer is the number one seller due to uniqueness and comfortable competitive products. Further, Razer Cynosa Chroma contains the following features. 

Gaming performance 

Mainly, the Razer Cynosa Chroma keyboard holds high performance as it holds built-in key rollover works as anti-ghosting keys. With a Great sequence and balance, it will put your commands and execute them at the same time. 

Ultimate personalization 

Basically, it includes Razer hardware, gear 30+ partners, and also supports up to 16.8 million colors through individual backlit lights. 

Spill-resistant design 

Notably, with the dust and water resistance quality. Impressively, it stands with you with accidentally Water or liquid splashing. 

Programmable Macros 

Critically, the Razer keyboard acts on almost all sorts of critical commands due to its fully Programmable Macros. Importantly, you can reallocate and remapped keys to implement the commands. 

Additionally, the Razer keyboard of almost all types holds the durability of eighty million keystrokes. 

4- Razer DeathStalker Essential keyboard

razer keyboard

Importantly, the Razer DeathStalker Essential keyboard is a membrane gaming keyboard. Especially, it converts your keyboardCloud build server to automatically maintain your updates and, similarly, saves your entire individual settings. Notably, to maintain the Cloud, you just need to login to your Cloud account. 

Accordingly, the following are the technical specifications of the Razer DeathStalker Essential keyboard. 

  • Fully Programmable keys 
  • Fixed wrist rest 
  • 2m rubber shayed cable 
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling 
  • Low-profile chiclet keys 
  • Razer synapse 2.0 
  • Dedicated gaming mode 
  • Extreme anti-ghosting capability 

Accurate commands

Most importantly, it has the ability to execute the keys with the same numbers of your fingers you put on it with quick and accurate commands. Further, it assures you that the keys you will press be definitely accurately pressed as it creates overwhelming destruction. 

Low keycap chiclet keys

razer keyboard

Notably, the Razer keyboard provides fully programmable chiclet keys with low keycap. It requires the only 2mm to operate. Further, it enables you to create fast react response rates into in-game situations against enemies. Furthermore, it actuates your commands instantly as you put fingers on the key and either immediate your fingers between keys. 

Extreme anti-ghosting 

Most importantly, it allows you to give ten commands at a time. It also ensures you actuate keys simultaneously with your all ten fingers as it registers your all fingers at a time through its extreme anti-ghosting capability.

Fundamentally, it registers and executes each command with exact perfection. Consequently, it makes you destroy your enemy efficiently and quickly. It provides you a constant unfair advantage against your opponent. 

5- Razer Huntsman Quartz Edition Gaming Keyboard 

Razer Huntsman Quartz Edition gaming keyboard is a Mechanical keyboard containing the different modes of games. Notably, it’s also termed as Razer pink keyboard. Mainly, Razer pink keyboard is always eye-catchy, especially for girls. 

Importantly, the Pink Razer keyboard provides opt-mechanical switches. It holds optical technology to balance unmatched speed. Further, it is also carrying a key-stabilizer bar to make every keystroke accurate and precise. This best Razer keyboard contains the following features. 

Aluminum construction 

Most importantly, it’s the best durable keyboard as it’s the top frame is made of aluminum matte material. The aluminum construction enhanced structural solidarity. 

Optical switches 

Additionally, the Razer pink keyboard includes optical switches with a light-based operating system. According to the register, the key holds at pressing at the speed of light. Mainly, it provides satisfying performance feedback. 

Ultimate personalization 

The best Razer keyboard fully syncs the popular games. Especially includes Razer hardware, gear From 30+ partners, Philips Hue. Importantly, it supports about 16.8 million colors, specifically Backlit lights. 

Fully programmable Macros 

Importantly, Razer hyper shift fully programmable Macros allows all keys and possible combinations to reallocate the keys to execute critical commands. 

Unrivaled durability 

Notably, its durability can count by its supports up to a hundred million clicks. The company provides two years of warranty. So, it ensures a double lifespan as compared to competitors’ keyboards.

razer keyboard

What are the basic points which make the Razer keyboard superior to the other simple keyboards? 

Charging and battery 

Mostly, the battery and charging are the issues which irritate the gamers. Normally most brands claim for great battery life, but they fail to satisfy their users. 

The Razer keyboard holds the trust of its customers also because of its long-lasting battery. Razer claims to use the keyboard or mouse continuously for 12 hours with backlighting. Similarly, if you turn off the Backlight lighting, you can use them more than 48 hours in one charge. 

Type like a Pro 

The Razer keyboard is probably not only a gaming keyboard, as it’s also great for office users. Further, the Razer keyboard holds a great mechanical mechanism of keys, with strong wireless automatic options. Accordingly, many keys and customizing options can be found obliging efficiently for office use.

Razer orange switches 

Impressively, with the smart orange switch, you can avail of the option of backing off the keyboard. Further, this unique key requires a little more strong press but provides you great experience to switch to typing on a keyboard. 

Syncs up to 4 devices 

Notably, the Razer keyboard syncs up to six devices concurrently. It allows you to sync everything with one click through Razer Synapse, Razer Synapses 2, and Razer Synapses 3 using a simple method. 


I conclude that selecting the right keyword is an essential part of the game if you are a pro gamer. For gamers, I will recommend the Razer keyboard as it’s a Mechanical keyboard with great control, ergonomic settings, great performance, Backlit keys, and customizable features. Most importantly, the Backlit lighting and its design attract more.