How Robots Could Potentially Change the Tech Landscape Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

How Robots Could Potentially Change the Tech Landscape Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak

During this coronavirus outbreak, technological innovation has been key in realizing sustainable solutions through the use of robot technology. Analysts have predicted that in future, robots will replace most human jobs and this has been further fueled by the advancement of this pandemic. Covid-19 has changed people?s perception of having a human touch through their interactions. This development means that in the coming years, the integration of bots within the economy will become a reality. As a result, consumer preference will gradually change and this will allow for new automation opportunities.

Presently, most companies are working on how to integrate robots in their operations in an aim to enforce social distancing. This approach will drastically decrease the number of employees that need to physically report to work. These bots are also designed to perform tasks that workers are unable to do from home. From cleaning, to screening temperatures and sanitizing, these bots are making the transition a bit seamless in terms of what needs to be done on a daily basis.

Health experts are estimating that social distancing policies might spill over well into 2021. Therefore, first robot workers will continue to be in great demand until everything blows over. In this article, we?ve discussed the various ways that these bots are being implemented in an effort to curb the spread of this virus.

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Robotic Cleaners

The sudden demand for cleaning and sanitizing products has seen companies that make them fall well into business. For instance, the Danish Company UVD bots, has recently shipped hundreds of bots to the most affected countries in Asia and Europe to help with handling of the medical operations.

The company deals with manufacturing of UV-light disinfectant bots. Machines are also being incorporated in restaurants and grocery stores more than usual. Experts have predicted that we will continue to see extended use of robot technology well after this pandemic has subsided. It means now that it will be normal to see bots cleaning schools and offices within your surroundings.

Customers are now putting into consideration their health and the health of the workers in these premises. Automation processes ensures that everyone stays in safer environment and companies that adopt such technology will be highly rewarded by the consumers. There are however some limitations since automated checkouts at the grocery stores are heavily reliant on smooth workings which isn?t always the case with machines. Hence, customers tend to avoid them altogether and lean towards human cashiers.??

Robots Helping with Social Distancing

Health safety concerns are now taking the forefront and this is quite illustrated in the food service industry. Major fast-food restaurant chains have started testing the use of different types of robots in cooking and service stations. Amazon and Walmart are actively incorporating robot technology in their warehouses looking at improving efficiency. The coronavirus outbreak has pushed these companies into increasing their robot-based operations for packing, sorting and shipping. This will greatly reduce the cases of workers not fully complying to social distancing measures under the current working space.

It is very expensive to create and incorporate machine technology in a company. However, looking into the long-term, robots are relatively much cheaper compared to human labor. Having machine technology well after the outbreak is over poses some significant advantages in terms of marketing. People will generally prefer going to establishments that have machines with fewer workers as they will feel that the risk of contracting the disease is drastically minimized.???????

Realistic AI

For services that require an actual person to offer guidelines or conduct lessons, Artificial Intelligence has been modified to replace tutors, financial consultants and fitness trainers. Some notable technology firms are working towards developing suitable artificial intelligence technology. For instance, Facebook and Google are now using artificial intelligence to eliminate posts that seem inappropriate. These firms use this approach because it is quite difficult for their content moderators to review these posts from their homes.

The current lockdowns imposed in various regions have made people become accustomed to the idea of connecting virtually without having to meet physically. This development is contrary to what robot critics had relayed about humans having an advantage in the jobs. The instructor speaking to you on that screen now doesn?t have to be an actual human being. It only needs to think and act like a real person.

There was a report that predicted that a third of workers would be eventually replaced by automated systems that could do the same roles in a shorter time by? 2030. However, unprecedented events like this pandemic could potentially reduce that timeline. It is now up to us humans to make a decision on how we?d want this technological integration to change how we do things and reinvent the future of robotics.