Iron Man VR Headset is All Set to Lure the Players

Iron Man VR Headset

The Marvel’s game department has come up with a storyline for their new VR games. This, in particular, is set for PS4 2020 and tells the story of an evil anti-heroin, a hacker, and a ghost that has taken control of Stark Industries. As Tony has retired from actively making weapons of mass destruction and is focusing on technology, the mysterious evil creature is attempting to topple his empire. If you can get two PS Move motion controllers, there is a lot to enjoy here.

However, things are looking grim amidst all the lockdowns and delayed production across the globe. The Marvel’s PS4 games that targeted the VR games market also have been delayed until May, as of this moment. It was previously supposed to be announced in February of 2020, but things are going rough for all.

The Launch Dates and Details

It has been confirmed that Marvel’s Iron Man VR game is supposed to launch on May 15th and will be PS4 exclusive for some time. The developer Camouflaj made this announcement recently and confirmed the mentioned dates. This was made public on Twitter via their official handle. It has been said that they are doing it on purpose for more enhanced output and to meet high expectations. The delay is two and a half months; however, given that it is on a VR, things won’t be that great after all.

The VR technology still lacks a complete FOV. The technology is far from mature but is still being pushed by companies to gain traction. The Iron Man VR is also similar but the game has got all the fans excited.

The Journey So Far

The PlayStation VR games have been in the market for a while. And, this particular game from Marvel Games is taking things into their own hands. Being announced in early 2019 that this was coming soon, they had promised an ultimate Iron Man fantasy VR game. This would allow players to fly, and fight in first person or FPS mode. This VR game was also made available for hands-on last year and it was found that Camouflaj has captured the sensation of flying freely decently because of the responsive intuitive controls in the PlayStation Move controller. This controller is the heart and soul of the whole gameplay, and you would need two to have all the fun.

The Iron Man VR continued trending on various social media and its publisher, Square Enix said that it has delayed Marvel’s Avengers by four months to September 4. It must be noted that the company is in charge of several properties like Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The VR Games

Most of the graphics and in-game controls can be found on their official website. It would allow players to upgrade their Iron Man armor by upgrading the tech in Stark’s garage. It should add some awesome capabilities as well. If you want to enjoy the trailer, head to the website by Play Station and feel the vibe.