A New Strategy Game PC Games Resident Evil 3

New Strategy Game PC Games Resident Evil 3

Capcom’s official site of Resident Evil 3 has everyone going crazy. Jill valentine’s desperate escape from Racoon City is the storyline of the new game. Though PC gamer reviews have not been entirely positive about it, some of its iconic gameplay is well appreciated. The lack of new environments and same-kind storytelling is evident as you continue to play. In December of 2019, it was news when websites started running articles that this game was coming to PC in April of next year, and here we are now.

The Remake of Resident Evil 3 Strategy Game was confirmed months ago and it was also made clear that it won’t be alone in the making. There have been a bunch of mods to date and fans have a genuine love for this franchise though movies and games alike.

  • The Racoon City edition includes the Resident Evil 3 + Resident Evil Resistance if you buy it.
  • On physical hardware, you can enjoy it on Xbox One and PS4, while for digital you can go for either of the two or Steam for a PC gamer.

Resident Evil 3 Also Includes Resident Evil Resistance

The Resident Evil Resistance has been included in the PC games 2020 edition, Racoon City. This is nothing but the 4 vs. 1 spinoff where players can win by teamwork. They will need to survive and outsmart a player-controlled villain on the other side, along with usual traps and tricks, monsters and zombies on the go. This is also a loved gameplay style. To find more information on the same, please check the official website.

A bunch of free updates will be available to PC gamers on April 17th inside this category. On this date, inside Resident Evil Resistance players will get a chance to play like Resident Evil’s protagonist, Jill Valentine, and join the ranks with other survivors. This is something everyone is excited about. This is an online asymmetric survival horror game, as Capcom puts it, and can be enjoyed by players at least 2 to 5.

There is a lot to love about it, and such offline games, as it has been brought back to life with remastered content and a new game engine behind it. In this particular episode, Umbrella corporation unleashes their most brutal and secret monster Nemesis, and its Jill’s challenge to bring a stop to the atrocities performed by the corp.

What to Expect so Far?

As claimed by the PC gamer community, besides the horrendous Nemesis, you will encounter several other creatures throughout the campaign. There are parasite-infected zombies, and Drain Demons, Hunters and zombie dogs. Some of the grotesque picturization and scenes ever seen have been promised as well.

The Resident Evil series started with a storyline and comic character designed by the Japanese studio in the 1990s and since become an iconic horror game franchise in the US and the rest of the world. It was first released in 1996 in Japan under the name Biohazard, and the franchise was the brainchild of Shinji Mikami and Fujiwara. They were the owners of the video game company that is now Capcom.