Samsung Galaxy fitness Watch 2020- Tracking Smartwatch

Watches can authenticate you to achieve your tasks on time. But here we present you an upgraded, high-moderated, and a watch that can make a new definition of authenticity in your life. Samsung Fitness Watch comes with unique looks and bundles of features. There is a range of Samsung smartwatch, and you can select according to your choice.

What is the History of Samsung?

Samsung is a big name famous for its smartphones and mobile accessories as well. Samsung Galaxy was founded in 1938. At first, it was manufacturing electronics. After success in its electronics business, it touched the peak of being famous when it first launched its first mobile phone, SGH-100, in 1988 that was released in Korea.

After accomplishing the significant success of this mobile, Samsung took one more victorious step to launch a second mobile phone termed as SGH-600 in Europe in September 1998. In 2014, it ranked as the 7th most valuable brand out of 100 brands. Why Samsung Galaxy?

After achieving High-end customers, Samsung moved to launch a mobile phone to touch top victory. Samsung launched the series of Galaxy smartphones with the

Android OS. It is an extraordinary operating system developed by Google that works on your fingertips. With one touch on your touchscreen device, you can reach any corner of the world.

Why choose Samsung Fitness Watch?

For tracking your activity, you can see a couple of different inner faces you want to view:

?Thus just time the calories you burn

Your time of distance travel when it’s fit

?And a time and heart rate monitor

Stunning look and design

?Samsung Fitness Watch is one of the best top-rated tracking smartwatches due to its stunning looks. You can go through with a new variety of watch faces along with its lighting effects. The round-shaped smartwatches give an original feeling of being wearing a real watch.

Long battery life

It allows your charger to take rest for days due to its long-lasting battery. Only a single recharge can manage music, calls, and use many apps with this enduring battery.

Samsung smart watch

Let you see the time 24 hours

Samsung Fitness Watch always stays on 24 hours due to its astonishing feature. By setting its SAMOLED display feature you don’t need to press any button or turn the bezel, you can see the time even at night.

Your music travels with you

Samsung Galaxy Fitness Watch lets you connect with your music while you are traveling. Wherever you go, it connects you with flowing music online through earbuds and makes you free to take your phone with you.


Track your minutes of activity

It works as your personal trainer, as Samsung Fitness Watch can measure your heart rate. Moreover, it tracks your activities while exercising on a watch face setup. When you start exercising, it shows you the time, weather, and even it counts your steps to how many steps you took while exercising:

?Minutes of activity


?Hours of standing

Track your health in more significant details

It works as being a finish tracker rather than a watch, contains a Customized button at the side of the device to an exercise of your choice, monitors your health in a great detail that includes heart rate and calories you burn. And if you are inactive from an

?An hour or so, then you will get a notification to stand up and maybe get some fresh air. You can also turn off all the stuff if you want to.

Useful rotating bezel

Some of the features smartwatches carry the useful digital rotating bezel. Due to it, just by moving it right and left, you can fix your required setting and can see all the applications.

Keeps records of your rest and relax time

The stunning Samsung Fitness Watches keep records of your nighttime so you can better understand and become knowledgeable about your relaxation and working time. Like it detects your wake up and sleeping time. Moreover, it also monitors your rest level in four stages and assists daily briefing.

The My Day Watch face/ Your day at a glance

This unique featured Samsung Fitness Watch creates a habit in you to review your day at a glance. So you become to know what you should do the next day and what you could do furthermore move to make your day more valuable. This best Samsung Fitness Watch displays the schedule for the next ten hours through summing up your daily routine.

Large selection of applications

This best Samsung Fitness Watch carried plenty of applications. You can look through a significant number of apps and choose the required apps.

Simple charging method

Due to wireless charging dock, this best Samsung Fitness Watch holds an effortless charging. Just set the watch on the wireless charging dock, and the charging will start automatically.

Home loT function

Through monitoring your sleep and activity schedule, this amazing Samsung Fitness Watch controls your applications to make you reach the apps according to your life pattern.

Stay connected with your phone

Samsung Fitness Watch lets you stay connected with your smartphone through Bluetooth. Samsung provides its customers with a specified range. You can leave your phone at home and remain stay connected with it.


Samsung Fitness Watch has two exceptional features, termed as water resistance and military standard durability. Due to this, you can go through tough conditions, whether it is rain or any challenging conditions. Moreover, if you want to swim or work up a lot of sweat, this watch can handle all of these things.

GPS track

Samsung Fitness Watch holds an outstanding feature of GPS track along with a built-in barometer and altimeter. So you can track all your paths of your workout. And if you want to see the result of your work out, you can see your map of the workout on the watch.

This Samsung Fitness Watch contains an accurate GPS. For example, if you put notification for two miles of travel, it will notify you when you completed two miles.

?Connect to all idevices

Many brands in the market claim that their smart fitness watch can be connected to

idevices. But this did not happen; their all claims result false. Here Samsung Fitness watch ensures you about its connectivity with all idevices through its Samsung Gear App. Just open the app and follow the instructions to connect your Samsung Fitness watch to the iPhone.

?Message and attend calls

The text message shows very nicely and clearly on the watch. It is really easy to read the message and reply with the voice or handwriting preset replies. Phone calls are also very manageable on the watch through its speakers. This Samsung Fitness Watch works great, especially for men, as it lets you not miss any message or call. It can be called a smartwatch for men.

Customize it as you want

This Era is the Era of style as everyone wants to showcase their style according to their surroundings. There are many smart watches for women in the market of many brands promising for quality and features. But they didn’t focus on changing fashion and mood.

Both software and hardware of Samsung Fitness Watches are customizable. On the hardware side, Samsung fitness watch comes with a large number of strap colors and sizes. The straps are made of silicon with a lightweight, comfortable fit.

On the software side, you can customize it as you want to. There are plenty of options to do so. Likewise, you can choose a clock from an analog clock or a digital clock. You can customize its colors also. Its needle colors of the analog clock can be selected as per your choice. The display face setting of the watch can be customized easily, along with lots of options.

Automatically update the weather forecast

If you set the weather to display, this watch automatically updates the weather as the day progresses. You can stay up to date with upgraded weather without any effort.

Onboard storage

?You can save the music into its Onboard storage. And paired up your earbuds with the watch and left your big smartphone at home. If you have a Spotify premium, you can install the Spotify into the watch and download the music for offline listening. You can perform your normal music controls such as pause, skip the track, and change your track’s volume.

Find your phone

You can find your phone if it lost, and even if it is in silent mode, you can find it by pressing the option. Similarly, you can find your Samsung Fitness Watch on your smartphone. And it can be possible if your smartphone is in a given range of Bluetooth.

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What is the significant difference between Samsung fitness watch and Fitbit? Samsung Fitness watch VS. Fitbit:

Both watches contains many of same aspects like:

?Tracking heart rate

?Easy Connecting to a smartphone

?You will get notifications from your phone

It can track your sleep

Fitbit always does a continuous reading of heart rate after ten minutes. Samsung Fitness Watch contains a setting to stop changing the heart rate. This feature of the Samsung Fitness watch saves the battery.

Samsung Fitness Watch contains great brightness even in sunlight, and you can see the time and use it easily. In contrast, Fitbit cannot display the time in full sunlight. Samsung Fitness Watch contains an apparent and superior screen. In comparison, Fitbit provides a dim screen.

Fitbit has a traditional Pin bucket made of steel, while Samsung Fitness Watch contains a silicon bucket without a pin.

Battery Life:

Samsung Fitness Watch’s battery life is seven days. Fitbit’s battery life is about five days.

Samsung Fitness Watch contains water mode and underwater mode. If you are going to swim just on the underwater mode by setting, it will stop touch features going on. Instead, the Fitbit does not hold this feature.

Samsung Fitness Watch remains on all the time and sets the brightness according to sunlight and night time. You don’t need to press the side button to see the time. In contrast, Fitbit doesn’t have this feature. You always need to press the side button to see the time.