Google Pixel 4a The World’s Smallest Phone Launch

Pixel is a smartphone developed by Google!

Pixel 4a is the most awe-inspiring and aggressive phone Google has made as it performs in seconds. You can say it is Google’s budget phone with an outstanding camera. It’s a simple phone, and nothing is there complicated to use like any feature to use or to download any application from Google Play Store.

Who is the developer of Google?

The first name of google was Backrub and was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both wanted to develop a search engine that provides classified information from worldwide and makes it accessible to use universally. And they succeeded in this significant discovery.

Who is the developer of Google?

While unboxing the Pixel 4a, what accessories will I get in it?

Cardboard cutouts

Just open the mobile box, and discover a lot more. There are also cardboard cutouts in the phone pack to make a phone stand or whatever you can think to make those cutouts.

Instruction Menu

There is also a notebook for guidance with the full instruction menu. So, just read the guidelines and instructions once, to know about the phone and its features.


Google provides an adapter to transfer the files from any other phone to your phone. Pixel 4a brings many accessories for you in one box.

18 Watt fast charger

Google provides the most rapid charger with Pixel 4a. Its 18 watts fast charger, with Type C data cable and USB Power Delivery 2.0. You do not need to worry about charging time as this charger will charge your Pixel 4a in minutes.

Google grip case

If your phone fell on the floor, what could be your thoughts at that time? It will go that your phone may be broken by its display or by its body. But here, Google is protecting your phone with its Google certified grip case that comes with Pixel 4a.

Pixel 4a specifications

Google Pixel 4a specifications

Main Camera

Pixel 4a comes with the 12.2-megapixel primary camera along with the LED flash, and Auto HDR. It works as an astonishing camera. Indeed, It’s doing a better job of handling colors in tricky situations and picking a little more textures on objects.

What’s the specialty of this camera?

The image perusing is so good as it almost compensates for the facts that it does not have because it holds a single small twelve megapixels sensor.

Even though it does not contain a telephoto camera, whenever you zoom and take in a photo, you use software to take multiple frames and freeze them to enhance the details.

You can take a seven-time zoom photo in low light, and the result comes more precise than trying to do the same thing on the same pixel camera of any other phone.

seven-time zoom photo in low light

It got a very vast portrait mode, and You can take portrait mode photos in a very recognizable style. And you can go through the past pictures of the people and can apply portrayed mode to them.

Just take a ten-year-old photo and run the random camera, this phone can understand what’s happening in them. What part of the person and what part of the background to be used as it re-imagined them.

Front camera

Pixel 4a holds 8 megapixels front camera with Auto HDR feature. With its front camera, you can take a clear, defined photo.

Night mode

It’s even better for night mode. It takes clear shots even at night. It works as the best astrology photography shots that any phone can do.


Pixel 4a is made of plastic, but the execution fills up more deliberately. It lacks the density and the seledity of its glass counterparts. Pixel 4a looks like plastic and embraces it.

It provides you with the way it looks. The result of this phone is sturdy. And it auto resistance to fingerprints. Pixel 4a gives a slide touch. And there is signature pixel accented power buttons. These buttons are super clicky,

Fingerprint sensor

There is a round-shaped fingerprint sensor on the backside of the phone. A great feature that everyone demands!

round-shaped fingerprint sensor

You can set this fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone and put a fingerprint app lock to all your apps. You even can put a fingerprint lock to the specified app that you want to lock and to put security on them not to allow anyone to access them.

Face unlock

Pixel 4a contains a lot of security features. It also has face unlock specification. So, just fix your face and eyes impressions in its settings and open your phone’s security lock with one face look. Google Pixel 4a is the name of simplicity with many great features.

Pixel 4a contains a lot of security features

Display size

It carries a 1080p OLED display. Google Pixel 4a contains a 5.81-inch display size with 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution. It is manufactured with a prominent display into a far smaller body. The display screen is protected with Google’s plastic miracle. Indeed, you will love the size.

Stereo Speakers

Its 3.5mm stereo speakers have a little bit more bass. You can listen to music with stereo bass speakers. Pixel 4a provides loudspeakers for a clear voice.


It contains 128GB of storage space that is pretty enough to have a lot of data.

Battery life

Pixel 4a, a fantastic smartphone, holds a powerful battery with 3140mAh Battery life. It contains a non-removable battery. Likewise, it comes with a larger capacity and a chip to consume less power.

Headphone jack

There is also a headphone jack to listen to the music or anything you want to. Pixel 4a is a phone that comes with a lot of features.

Feel free to install your desired apps

With the excellent storage space, you can install the apps you want to. Any storage will not come while installing a significant number of applications. Just open the Google Play Store and write the required app. Click to install option. Google is providing thousands of different apps for free. So, nothing to worry about any budget for apps.

excellent storage space

Live caption

As Youtube auto-generated annotations, but for everything you do, this phone can translate any video you watch on any platform. It is a great feature that visitors from different countries are always searching out. Pixel 4a securely solves their problem.

Guaranteed software updates

Google is offering three years of OS updates. So, you will get guaranteed updates of the coming year. Pixel 4a contains the upgraded software Android 10.0. Google is offering more polished cameras and software as compared to other same budget phones.

Phone calls

Google Pixel 4a provides a unique feature that any phone may not have. If you could call or have conversations with someone, you can see the written transcripts over the chat in real-time.

Moreover, it works offline because it is done by using their own devices, Ai. Orally to the written form is an excellent development of these phone developers. You will not miss any word, even if you didn’t hear that completely.

Google Pixel 4a provides a unique feature that any phone may not have


The Snapdragon speed of the touch is 730G. Pixel 4a contains 6GB RAM. The great power RAM that makes this phone a super-fast, and speedy to use. It will not be stuck even if the storage becomes full of data. It will make your internet speed fast. RAM makes this phone more flexible to use.

The Snapdragon speed of the touch is 730G.

4G bands LTE

As the internet is becoming the essential need of almost all people in this world. Thus, The smartphones of this era are holding 4G bands. Similarly, Pixel 4a also supports 4G LTE. Due to it provides the fastest speed of the internet.

Google Map

Along with the language translation script, Pixel 4a holds an important feature termed as Google Maps. Wherever you go or want to visit any new place, this Map will lead you about the best route of the desired direction.


Pixel 4a holds all types of connectivities defined below.

  • WLAN that supports Wifi 802.11
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • NFC is also included.
  • USB 3.1 with type C 1.0 reversible connector

Pixel 4a holds all types of connectivities


Pixel 4a carries the only 143g weight. A very lightweight phone with 8.2mm thickness. It is the smallest thin smartphone; Google has made in the 2020 century.

Dual sim

There are different SIM companies in all countries that provide various packages. People always want to have different SIMs options on their phones. Likewise, Pixel 4a holds a dual sim slot. It supports Nano SIMs to its slots.

different SIM companies in all countries


It is available only in one color as Pixels 4a is one phone with one color and also with one storage option.


Pixel 4a contains Gorilla Glass 3 protection with Always-on display HDR. It is a plus point for protections of screen glass as Gorilla Glass 3 is the scratch resistance with lightweight and compatible touch screens. Gorilla Glass is strong with outstanding durability.

The outer body of this phone contains a polycarbonate shell, to increase its protection value and increase its durability.


Pixel 4a contains a multi-core processor termed as Octacore with the following functions.

  • 2 GHz Kryo
  • 470 Gold
  • 8 Silver

When is Pixel 4a released?

Google announces on 3rd August 2020 that Google is going to announce the launch of Pixel 4a phone in August 2020. But it starts its features in the market to provide information about its features and specifications to its customers. So, this great phone is coming soon!