Vivo Overtakes Samsung in Indian Smartphone Sales

Vivo Overtakes Samsung in Indian Smartphone Sales

The demand for smartphones was high in the Indian market amidst the outbreak of Covid-19 and month-long lockdown. The manufacturer of smartphones with Chinese collaboration, Vivo remained unbeaten to Samsung for the very first time in the history of smartphone sales in the last quarter. According to data and statistics given by Canalys, Vivo has been able to ship more phones in the Indian mobile market.

Smartphone Sales per Unit Statistics

The sales of the company to its vendors almost doubled annually and they sold 6.7 million units of Vivo smartphones to India. That means they were able to cater to near about 20% of the total market of the nation. Vivo easily secured the second position just behind Xiaomi which sold 10.3 million smartphones taking approximately 31% share of the market. The shipments made by Samsung decreased by 14% share in the market with only 6.3 million smartphones being sold. This made Vivo the third-largest brand ahead of Oppo and Realme.

All about Vivo

Vivo Communication Technology or Vivo is a brand that is fully owned by Chinese company BBK Electronics. They manufacture and design smartphones and phone accessories, offer online services and also develop software in the country. Along with Vivo, BBK Electronics also own,

  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • OnePlus

The Indian Market Scenario

On the whole, the smartphone market in India grew by 12% annually despite the lockdown situation in the country that started at the end of March. It is significant to point out that Vivo alone has been able to show good progress in the Indian market amidst this complex state of the nation. If the sales of all the three brands, Vivo, Oppo, and Realme were combined, this huge conglomerate of China would take the top position easily with over 40% share in the market.

Main Reason behind Vivo?s Success in India

An analyst at Canalys mentioned the exact reason behind the success of Vivo in the Indian market calling it ?bittersweet.? According to the analyst, the company has become the primary sponsor of the Indian Premier League, a very popular Twenty20 format of cricket league in the country that is played every spring.

Will Vivo?s Plans Succeed

A Canalys analyst said that all the shipments made by the all mobile price smartphone company Vivo were planned to ensure that the stock is at high levels in the country before the league cricket begins. But because the Indian Premier League got postponed due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the company will face hardships to achieve their expected sales of smartphones even if the lockdown does not continue.

Last Words

From the figures demonstrated, it can be well understood that Vivo, the smartphone Company from China is steadily becoming a growing and powerful brand in India even if it is not being able to give any explanation due to the unprecedented pandemic. The dominance of BBK Electronics is getting stronger each day. The shipments of Realme alone have grown by more than 200% over the last year.