A Smallest Game Controller Ever Joyscube

Something really different that takes traditional board games into the digital medium. It is a video game system and the smallest game controller in the market. Known as Joyscube, this is currently on Kickstarter and promises interactive gaming with a bunch of hybrid cube consoles about the size of your fingers. So, effectively you could hold 3 to 5 in your hand.

What is Joyscube?

Available for backing up with a pledge at Kickstarter you can get a minimum of 3 cubes with the main system. Each set of Joyscube comes with a set of 3 cube-shaped consoles or games controller. This brings you a kind of social interactivity that is unmatched by any other system. Remember the days of good old board games.

With sensors on these cubes, they communicate with each other wirelessly, and on all its four sides. This cube does a lot more than you can see in the pictures. The sensors are programmed to react to motion. For example, it can respond to tilting, rotating, placing two cubes close to each other, shaking the cube, and pressing on the cube. That is a total of 5 different sensing abilities. No other video game system manages to go beyond the visual feedback.

Amazing Games Controller at Hand

Remember games like Candy Crush where you can match different colored candies and they disappear and all. Well, with Joyscube, you can do exactly that, but physically. If you and your friend bring the two cubes with matching sides together, they disappear, and you score points. This brings, as we described above, board games to the digital world. So, effectively, you can play 100s of board games with a single Joyscube gaming system.

It is portable and interactive much like a handheld gaming module like the PSP. The technology that we described above is called somatosensory technology that enhances the gameplay instead of simply constantly and incessantly tapping on the touch screen. We all know how boring that is?

And, it goes well beyond that. You can also play with these serving as wireless controllers on your big screen like TV and laptop. Effectively, you have a bunch of Bluetooth-enabled controllers at hand. You can play games where motions like shaking, jumping, shooting can be done with a simple movement of these cubes. To throw a punch, you just swing the cube forward away from your body.


  • It is portable, affordable, and neat.
  • It offers physical interactions with cube rather than just tapping on the screen.
  • It gives rotating, shaking, placing next to each other and more sensing capabilities.
  • It is really small and aesthetically pleasant.


  • The range of games might be unlimited if you don’t have a buddy to play.

Portable Cube

The Joyscube offers a lot more than just simple gaming and it takes away a lot of stuff off the table. No more heavy lifting as you can play with small interactive systems with your friends. Do physical activity than simply keep staring at the screen, bringing the joy back to you.