The Best PC Game of October 2019 is Out Now

The month has been in review for long and just when the end is near; it is time to release the list. Who made it to the top 3 and which games missed to make that comeback or impression on their players and target audience? From companies like ?Ubisoft?, ?Activision? and many more, we expect only AAA titles. But, these have expanded into FPS and other categories as well.

For example, the PC game Tom Clancy?s Ghost Recon Breakpoint by Ubisoft Paris could not find that soft corner among its fans. It was so much a loss to Ubisoft that it is taking a break and rethinking its strategies and approach, and even going to the extent of delaying its release of Watch Dogs: Legion by almost a year from 2020 to 2021. The PC game market is volatile as it can get and all the effort of years of development can simply go to waste if there is any bug, compatibility issues, or just the time wasn?t right for great approval.

Among the best PC games of 2019, Ubisoft admitted that they blew it up with Breakpoint. While the ?The Outer Worlds? was released too, Indie titles like ?Trine 4? was available. The COD Modern Warfare also saw a reboot that players seem to have rejoiced a lot. The PC game, ?The Outer Worlds? was praised for its next-gen Fallout like gameplay, and not to mention when Fallout was released back in the days, it was like no other. This new game proved a nice successor to the game we all had been waiting for so long.

The PC Game for the New Gamer

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep was released for all platforms at the same time. It included PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even Stadia, Google?s new online gaming service. It marked the first release on Steam since the first release and is no longer published by Activision. This PC game is priced under $10 though. Also, Destiny 2: New Light will be a free-to-play version that will be soon released by developer Bungie, and fans are all waiting for it.

For a PC game, if a game has always been a benchmark for PCs and laptops, that is Witcher. The Witcher 2 PC game was released this month, and it is thriving to remain at the top. The Witcher 2: Wild Hunt is the next installment in the series. It will release on Switch too soon. It will include the previous expansions to porting it from 2015 versions. If you are just jumping on this bandwagon, this is a game set in the old era.

Also, the PC game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is taking everything into their hands. The mobile version that was released made a huge splash. The multiplayer version has been revamped, and with a Gunfight featuring 2-on-2, this is making the rounds and keeping everyone on their toes. This PC game is one of the blockbuster releases of October 2019, and there were many more too.