Technology in Life Today and how it has Changed

The proliferous penetration of technology in life has been a constant and steady force for centuries. But, the pace at which 19th and 20th-century inventions have changed the way we look at the world today is unimaginable. The sheer impact of technology or the absence of it is immediate and alarming when you move from a city to the countryside. Today, information at fingertips and amazing tools to play with it surround us everywhere we go. For some, going back to traditional ways is impossible and unthinkable.

The Technology in Life of Today’s Seniors

The people or the generation that has seen and experienced the impact the most is the seniors. Those who had been born in the 50s and are still looking at the TV and newspapers are watching a miracle every day. From writing letters that took weeks to get delivered one way to social media platforms used to keep in touch with friends, the change is unimaginable. How they never had the luxury to own a TV at home to watch everything on a small slate like smartphone, the technology then and now, have changed drastically.

  • It took almost half a century for this to happen, but it is still a lot to swallow.
  • The computers have taken over the world and even if they don’t understand everything, they are witnessing the change.
  • Even if the seniors don’t all use smartwatches, smartphones, or voice assistants, they are able to perceive the change in their surroundings.

The technology in life has changed to a lot degree and it can be seen in different parts of the world in different forms.

Facilities that didn’t Exist before

It was unthinkable before to send money to someone so easily like a simple message on Google Play. If someone was in trouble, they had to make the journey to their friend’s house, carve out weeks for getting the money, and head back. The banking system and money transfers came along, and then technology in life changed again. The internet came around in the 1990s and there was a shift once again. The seniors were used to standing in queues at banks with a withdrawal slip but now seem worried at the prospect of using the ATM card for everything. A lot has changed between technology then and now.

  • You can make purchases of clothes and garments online from 100s of shops in under a minute.
  • You can order your meal and groceries to your doorstep with ease.
  • You can use Netflix and YouTube to entertain yourself while the seniors were amused by the prospect of radio itself.

Today, medical devices and technology have also evolved drastically enough for them to find anything similar life before. Diseases that were seemingly incurable back then are of no concern today and so on.


Technology in life has seen rapid and drastic changes in some areas while some are relatively untouched. The most impact of technology is felt by the seniors of today who have been through half a century of changes already and this sets a precedent for us into the next 50 years.