10 Playstation Games We Want to See Remastered for the PS5

10 Playstation Games We Want to See Remastered for the PS5

The PS5 is the latest in the generation of game consoles from Sony, rumored to launch this year. There have been PS5 specs leak hinting at its potentially power-packed configuration. Amidst all these, sources from various game studios have to lead to a string of articles about bringing back some old games with remastered content better suited for the current generation of PS5 devices and controllers. Here are some fan favorites as per Android Central.

Some Fantastic PS5 Games are on the List

A surge in successful remasters of age-old popular and iconic titles has led Sony to jump on the bandwagon as well. Nostalgia for some of the games we enjoyed as a kid is beyond words and modern improvements only make them closer to reality. For example, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 2, and Spyro have all landed on modern consoles without much appreciation from their fans worldwide. And, this has paved the way for PS5 to make its own attempts at well. There is news about more games such as Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy 7, to join the list of remastered games that will be launched this year and soon thereafter.

The PS5 games 2020 list is out, and below of the top 10 fan favorites.

Silent Hill

The first of the category is a horror remaster of the popular Silent Hill franchise which not only managed to engage the players back then but also was so popular that Konami partnered with Sony, TriStar Pictures to release several sequels to the video game and also Bollywood movies in the 2000s. After nearly 15 years the game is supposed to get a remaster for the upcoming PS5.Silent Hill

The Legend of Dragoon

This deserved a remaster because of its rhythm-based attack system with elemental types making it a popular tile for original PlayStation back then, complete with 2D animation and incredible CGI made a mark. It has hours of excellent dialogue which made it a marvel for the era. With the next-gen consoles, it definitely needs to have a comeback.The Legend of Dragoon

And, no one can forget the oversized weapon wielders of the character which made it fun too. It was a true RPG for fans back then. It still has a lot of fans worldwide today.

Dino Crisis

Something straight out of Jurassic Park, Dino Crisis was a major success back then. As per a major leak from Capcom, they are trying for a remaster/reboot of this Resident Evil and Jurassic Park mashup. With PS5 specks leak, this is going to be a sure hit.


A very 3D-like environment released for 3DO is hoped to get a remaster for PS5. This mascot of Crystal Dynamics was a long time fan of players including the television-obsession is possessed. Gex is just another platform series that we would love to see talk about modern culture and television shows.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

This was yet another success story from Crystal Dynamics back then. It was a very ambitious game for its time and with rumors for remastered release for PS5, we have high hopes. With the stunning graphics capabilities of PS5, it would suit well. The gothic content and conceptacles are even more suitable for a PS5.Legacy of KainTime Crisis

When this was first released by Nex Entertainment and Namco as an arcade game back in 1997, it was on a PlayStation. Some 25 years later, alongside a lightgun, you can enjoy this first-person shooter once again. According to fans, running it on the latest PS5 and even the PSVR could be a major success once again.

Time Crisis


This is a former combo of Dark Souls and Sekiro, making it a difficult but successful combo, nevertheless. Whereas a lot of ninja games of the time involved a lot of high-speed action, Tenchu from From Software and Microsoft made a different journey. It was first released in 1998 for PlayStation and last in 2009. Fans have been secretly hoping for a remaster of this iconic marvel for the PS5. This was all about stealth and strategy than arming the player with a sword and unleashes mayhem.Tenchu

Parasite Eve

A survival game like no other when it was released in 1998, Eve took players by surprise. Developed by Square and published by the same, this series went for some time. It was a role-playing survival horror video game for the PlayStation platform. Now, after these many years, fans hope to get a remastered version of the same for the upcoming PS5.

Among PS5 games confirmed, this is not exclusively mentioned, but hopes are high. This is a new outlook to horror besides the likes of Resident Evil.

Ape Escape

Although, T3 claims to release a bunch of interesting titles for the upcoming PS5 launch. Games like Ape Escape were originally launched for PlayStation in 1999 by Sony Interactive and Ubisoft. This was a fun game and best for time pass. It was a kid-friendly game in all sense and that made it popular. Many want to see a remastered version of this game on their new PS5 to enjoy the stunning graphics and enhancements.

It is a perfect family game you can play with your kids and has a lot of nostalgic value to the parents of today who were kids 20 years back.

BioShock PS5

2K Games have announced that this incredible game is being remastered and is in making. The initial release in 2007 was the start of a beloved franchise. Everyone is very enthusiastic about the PS5 version which may be revealed soon after its release.


Horizon Zero Dawn II, Black Ops 5, Godfall, etc. are some of the most stunning and graphics-brilliant additions that have been confirmed for the next-gen PS5. Among them, old games that can be or have been remastered also have a warm welcome by fans. The best part about them is being able to play the same titles, characters and reliving those days but in a more cinematic and modern retake of your memories.