Tesla can Now Automatically Stop for Traffic Lights and Stop Signs

Tesla can Now Automatically Stop!

Different companies are working on new technological advancements and innovations to make living better. It is important to think something sustainable and Tesla 2020 is doing exactly that. It is working more on electric cars, solar energy, and storage of battery energy. The autopilot feature introduced by Tesla has taken semi-autonomous driving to another level. Their main goal is to work on stop signs and traffic lights.

What is Tesla Working on Currently?

Autopilot, one of the features of Tesla is continuing to develop and gain new abilities. Tesla has been operational on adding some kind of support to the stop signs and traffic lights since 2019. Now the new feature named ?Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control? is about to roll out in the USA with the latest version of their Autopilot software where cars are going to detect stop signs and traffic lights automatically and respond accordingly.

Working of the New Feature?

Recently, a video posted on Twitter showed how this new technology will work. It showed the driver taking his hands off the wheel allowing the electric car to approach a traffic light to stop automatically. The driver just needs to monitor the happenings and if something goes wrong he must be prepared to control the car immediately.

What Tesla has to Say?

Tesla 2020 wrote on its release notes that the ?Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control? is specially designed to respond and recognize stop signs and traffic lights by slowing down the car for stopping while using the Autosteer or the ?Traffic-Aware Cruise Control? feature. It will allow the car to lower its speed for all traffic lights detections including the off lights, blinking yellow, and even the green light.

New Feature Explained

The new feature for Tesla 2020, Autosteer explained in a detailed manner by Tesla. As the car will approach a traffic light or stop sign, it will automatically detect the presence of both the light and status. Then a notification will come to the driver that the car is going to slow down and will eventually stop at the red line that will be indicated on the display board. If the driver needs to go beyond the stop line, then he can press the pedal for acceleration to move the car forward provided he has checked the area to be safe or other vehicles are not approaching.

A Reminder to the Drivers?

Tesla gave a reminder to all the drivers that they need to pay attention while driving with this technology 2020 feature. They must be cautious about their surroundings and must be able to take action immediately if something goes wrong with the feature. The driver must be able to use brakes and acceleration when required because this feature may not work for all traffic controls.

Enabling this Feature in Your Car

You can enable this feature in your Tesla electric car by simply updating to the software version 2020.12.6. Then switch on the Park mode of your car. Then go to Controls, then Autopilot, and finally enable the feature.