The 5 Best Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches for Everyone

Best Fitness Trackers and Smart Watches

The best gear is what you actually use and this implies perfectly to your fitness tracking device. When you wear it constantly, it helps in monitoring your heart rate, step count, and quality of your sleep too. In this article, some of the best fitness smartwatches options have been picked up for you to choose according to your budget and need so that it no longer remains in a dark corner of your drawer.

Reasons to Use Fitness Watches

Different studies show different results about the benefits of fitness watches, but they are very useful. Some reasons to use Fitness 2020 watches are:

  • They have better software.
  • Their battery life is longer.
  • Stylish and sophisticated designs.

The All-Rounder

The Fitbit fitness trackers are the best ones around. They are highly accepted as they are attractive, affordable, comfortable to wear, user-friendly apps, and they have a huge and devoted community. It is the best that they have introduced in the market. The Fitbit Charge 4 has:

  • An in-built GPS tracking system.
  • ?Zone Minutes? metric encourages new users for exploring high-intensity workouts.
  • ?Outdoor workout? category that can be used for golf games and hiking.
  • Hardware and software to track your sleep.

The Versa Lite edition from Fitbit is another good smartwatches choice as it works for both iPhones and Android. You can wear it while sleeping to take advantage of the tracking system.

In Affordable Category

If you are looking for a fitness watch that is not so complicated, then Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can be perfect for you. It is a tracking device that has very basic and simple features. waterproof and washable. It is comfortable on your hands even if you wear it for long hours. You can easily swipe the screen up and down. The battery lasts for 7 days after a full charge.

For iPhone Users

  1. Apple Watch Series 5 and 3

Both of these fitness watches have to be in the best Gadgets 2020 list if you are using an iPhone. They have some amazing features that you will not find in others. While the Apple Watch Series 3 is perfect for fitness freaks like you, the new one offers more. Apart from the close rings and having the workout app, this newly launched fitness watch offer:

  • Cardiac irregularities detecting app
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope

For Android Users

Suunto 7 from Suunto is one of the best Android watches. It can be considered as the company?s best sports and fitness watch. It uses the Wear OS platform for smartwatch by Google. This software makes it easy to use daily.


For Galaxy Phone Users

If you are already a proud owner of one of the Samsung flagship phones, then get yourself the Galaxy Watch Active smartwatches. It is Samsung?s finest Smart Watches?because it is lightweight, attractive, inexpensive, and water and dust resistant. It has heart rate and GPS tracking just like the Apple watches. You can even charge your phone with your watch.