5 Awesome Gadgets Available on Amazon

5 Awesome Gadgets Available on Amazon

Shopping gadgets on Amazon can be truly addictive as the site has thousands of cool gadgets for sale. But if you are looking for exclusive deals, you need to shortlist the bestsellers by searching for some of the latest and most innovative gadgets available in the market. So to begin with, here is a list of 5 amazing gadgets you can shop on Amazon.

  1. G2T Warm & Cool Smart Scarf
    G2T warm

G2T Warm & Cool Scarf is one of the many cool gadgets that arrived in the market around 3 years ago and was launched as an electric scarf. Over the years, the brand has released advanced versions of the gadget and the one that is available today is a highly optimized form of portal neck-warming equipment. It comes with a micro USB port and can be charged using a power bank. The product offers an advanced ergonomic solution for easily controlling the cooling and heating requirements when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. The device has lots of controls and can be easily worn and adjusted to afford maximum comfort while engaging in activities like jogging or biking.

  1. LightSaver Portable Charger
    LightSaver Portable Charger

LightSaver Portable Charger is a high-performing solar mobile charger designed by PowerFilm, a US-based company offering advanced solar solutions. The compact body of the charger with roll-out solar panels makes it an easily portable device. With an internal battery of 3,200mAh, the battery bank can charge any high-end mobile device around 1.5 times. Ideal for long journeys, the gadget can be fully charged in 6 hours by exposing the solar panels to sunlight.

  1. Gaffgun Tape Applicator

When you are discussing cool gadgets of 2019 you cannot possibly miss out on this highly efficient device designed by GaffTech, a US-based company known for producing high-end gadgets for home use. Gaffgun Tape Applicator lets you fasten cables using industry-grade tapes to any surface within seconds. It has a long extension handle and can tape together all kinds of small and large cables. It can tape multiple cables together even when they are not placed in a straight line. The device has a funnelling system that straightens the cables before laying the tape over them.

  1. Dot Watch
    Dot Watch

Dot Watch is a feature-rich and stylish smartwatch that can easily compete with some of the coolest gadgets ever made. The gadget is manufactured by Dot Incorporation which is a South Korean company known for designing innovative gadgets for visually challenged people. The device displays time in Braille and comes with all the functionalities of a smartwatch. It can be effortlessly integrated with your mobile. The device vibrates whenever a message or call is received. It also translates messages and name of the caller in Braille.

  1. Tap Keyboard
    Tap Keyboard

Tap Keyboard is a revolutionary innovation owned by Tap Systems, Inc. This wearable keyboard that also functions as a mouse and controller is definitely one of the top gadgets in 2019. Using this device you can enter text by simply tapping the fingers of your right or left hand (you can wear it on any). The highlight is that it can work on any surface and can be used to type text on your mobile, tablet, or laptop.