Switchbot controls your Light switch automatically

As tech alternatives are growing rapidly into home innovation and automation, lights and fans that can turn on and off remotely is a statement of luxury. Now, you can even use Alexa or Google to do it with a voice command, such as, say, ?Hey Google, Switch off the lights?. Of course, it is making the whole society more and lazier, but at times, you could make use of such features. The product called SwitchBot does just that the coolest way. With any type of switch, new or old, on your coffee machine or wall, turn on and off, remotely.

The SwitchBot Robot

We have learned of all kinds of robots, but this tiny robot which does only one thing, turning on and off your switch is a real novelty, if not for anything else, sweet memorabilia and a showpiece. You can go to their Kickstarter?page right now, and back the project. Once you take a look at their promo video on YouTube, this small inexpensive mechanical robot will blow your minds away.


SwitchBot is the World’s Smallest Remote Robot

You can install it in seconds using just tape from your 3M or anything from the store, and it fits all kinds of switches without any modification. It can be controlled by Amazon Echo, SmartThings, and a lot more compatible devices and software support will be added in the future.

And, more than anything, it is a mere $19. So, if you have a 2BHK, you will need up to 8 to cover all your fans, lights and that will be all. This is a great thing for out of reach places, such as under the tables, way up on the wall or behind the curtains. There is more to rejoice about this product. With a single charge, it lasts up to 600 days. Yes, up to 2 years of operation, non-stop.

Construction & Innovation

It uses simple tape to stick it on top of your switch, and it does its job. Take a look at the YouTube promotion video to understand its simple yet innovative operation. Thus, you do not have to change your total electric installation with modern Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs or fans. It has a replaceable lithium-ion battery. You can add it to any IoT device, and it will work. The Kickstarter campaign with a pledge of $90 or more will give you the starter kit comprising of 2 SwitchBot and 1 SwitchLink. Then, there are more options too.


  • Easy installation with tape.
  • Works remotely-wirelessly on Android or iPhone.
  • Works with any rocker switch model around the world.
  • 600 days on a single charge.
  • Replaceable battery.


  • There is nothing to complain about this amazing product.

Concluding Thoughts

As it happens very rarely a simple mechanical product that is inexpensive and yet a very valuable must-have tool at home. The SwitchBot is a?robot that will immediately help you, make your life easier without any hassle. And, you will use it all the time, so your return on investment can’t be higher.