Space Invaders – The Board Game

Space Invaders – The Board Game

There are some computer games and handheld video games that have been the icons for decades. It is like the Taito’s Space Invaders made with grayscale pixels on a small 3×4 inch screen. It has been 40 official years since the famous game had been first released and it made a deep impact on the culture.

Now, this has been brought to you as a board game. Right now on Kickstarter, Space Invaders is up for pre-order and has been backed by 2,600 with over $120,000.

The Space Invaders Everyone Loves

The Space Invaders entered the arcade games in June of 1978 and have turned 40 in 2018. During this time, it has garnered a huge fan following and has become a part of modern culture. This is the icons and instantly recognizable. The characters have become icons, legends of their own, and have moved from just the video game of your handheld device to the world of arts, fashion, movies and more. As longtime fans of tabletop games, this has been introduced in the electronic medium over and over again.

It is astounding that nobody ever thought of developing this into a board game. This is about to change with 612 Entertainment, LLC from Sirus Ahmadi who is taking this challenge. With a $30 pledge, you can receive a game box, game board, game tokens, punch cards, 4-colored cannons, 55 invader cards, sorting tray, and 187 action/energy cards.

The Game and Gameplay

Space Invaders has been a nostalgic game for a lot of folks around the world. They are popular with the adults now in the industry who grew up with it and around it. With cheap handheld devices made in China, it was also introduced to the developing countries that could not afford computers back in those days.

Here, Space Invaders has been created into a fantastic board game experience while keeping the original game’s visual presentation intact. Space Invaders– Board Game is taking all the right choices and a nice dose of strategy mixed in the gameplay. You also get a limited edition Diorama kit if you want to.

In this game, you can have 2 to 4 players, defending the moon base and moving heir cannon across the game board. Then, they can destroy enemies above them, and gather Intel. This can be used to target further and enhance the player’s deck capabilities. There are a total of 242 action cards in the game.


  • Space Invaders is a game of survival and strategy in doing so.
  • The board game is the powerful reincarnation of the original video game.
  • It is all tangible and no electronic, Bluetooth, smartphone connection, etc. which means you enjoy each moment with friends without the distraction.


The game is an offline physical board game and not anything that needs online, so you can’t play with friends online.


One of the most iconic games, Space Invaders has finally got a board game. If you’re interested, just browse to their Kickstarter page and pledge. The kit has already been shipping since December 2019. Like in the original arcade game, each player ultimately fights for their own hi-score.