Aido – Home Automation and Robotic Assistance

Aido, your intelligent robotic companion, is launching pre-launch on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo early access tomorrow. It is an exciting new product and if you are like me who have not seen this technology before, you will be pleasantly surprised. I believe it will change the way we live our lives for the better. InGen Dynamics is now a Palo Alto-based private company with strategic alliances with the worlds top Vision, Sound, Latest Technology, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence companies.

What is Neuro Robotics?

The Artificial Intelligence component of Aido is based on the artificial intelligence concept of neuro robotics. Neuro-robot technology is the latest technology and will change the way we do business forever. This system is capable of learning from its past errors and mistakes and anticipate future scenarios by utilizing the knowledge of past behavior to make intelligent decisions for the future. Aido can navigate its way through the maze of our house and perform its duties proficiently, effectively, and safely. It will take care of our children, errands, shopping, errands, appointments, and virtually anything else we can imagine.

To put it short, Aido will allow us to have a fully automated and versatile home assistant. It will assist us in performing our everyday jobs with greater efficiency and effectiveness. It will help us perform multi-tasking and multiple tasks simultaneously. In short, it will become a super-assistant that will perform multiple functions that an average human assistant can never do. In fact, in the not too distant future, we are going to see an android with Aido functionality and this will be truly amazing.

Components of Aido: aido

Aido is built with two major components. First, it is an assistant smart-home which can perform all of our mundane chores. Second, it is a security system that will detect any intruders and remotely control the lights, thermostat, and so on. The combination of these two functionalities is what will allow us to fully automate our homes and lives using Aido.

We can’t predict the future but we do know that robotics and artificially intelligent smart home devices will play a very important role in building the future. We have already seen how computers and robots are playing a big role in our everyday lives. Robotic assistants such as Aido can help you with your everyday tasks and they will even do it better than you. If we can get rid of the activities that take our lives away from us such as cleaning the house, running errands, cooking, and so on, then we will be able to free up more time for us to do more important things.

Enzo and Liano:

Aido is being developed by two Italian giants: Enzo and Liano Goti. They are two of the biggest names in the field of robotics. With the help of crowdfunding, Aido has become more accessible to people in terms of affordability. A small startup is not likely to be able to afford the latest and most advance robotic aids like Aido. However, with enough research and perseverance. An aspiring inventor can definitely come up with an idea that will eventually make Aido available to the masses.

Aido can also perform tasks such as object recognition, image processing, speech recognition, task specialization, and image processing. With these capabilities. You can be sure that your Aido will be able to perform in various situations. That it will be very useful to businesses who want to improve their business. Since business robots such as Aido are not only designed to perform certain tasks. They are also great examples of how artificial intelligence is used in today’s modern world.

Can AIDO used as Personal Robot:

Aido can also use as a personal robot. It is programmed to perform three different actions. And you can program it to do as many or as few of these actions as you would like. For example, if you would like Aido to go greet your friends and make them feel at home. You can set up the device to do this automatically. If you would like Aido to fetch coffee for you when you get home. You can program it to do this. With all these exiting exit scenarios. Makes for a very versatile and useful personal robot that can definitely bring a lot of convenience to your life.