Amazon Dash Wand: Why should You Buy One?

Amazon is leaving no stone unturned. Its ambitions go beyond the online storefront. However, the primary revenue of the company comes from shopping. This is the reason Amazon is always trying to come up with easy and new ways to get customers to dive into online shopping. Amazon Dash Wand is one such endeavor by the company.

Amazon Dash Wand is a small dongle-like device available at a price of $20. It is the ultimate kitchen assistant. This is an attempt by Jeff Bezos to link the physical world with the virtual one. Albeit, this isn?t the company?s first attempt at providing a home shopping assistant, it is definitely a completely formed one. This device embraces the convenience of Dash Button, the smartness of Echo, and the flexibility of Dash Scanner to streamline the way you purchase groceries.

With the help of an Amazon Dash Wand, you will not have to stand in a queue, waiting for your turn to make the payment. In fact, you do not even have to make frequent trips to the grocery store.

What does it do?

The pretty little device serves as a barcode scanner. It will sync with the Amazon shopping channel and when you scan something using this that is available on their shopping site, the item is going to be added to the shopping cart. Now, whenever you decide to buy it, head to the card and proceed with the checkout process. You can also reorder a previously purchased item through this device.

It is water-resistant and also magnetic. This means you will be able to stick it in the fridge for easy accessibility from the kitchen.

Other Great Things to do with Amazon Dash Wand

The Dash Wand is capable of doing various other things than just assisting you in the Kitchen. Let?s take a look at them.


  • Controls Your Smart-Home Devices

One of the best benefits of the Dash Wand is that it can control your smart-home devices. It is just like having a voice-remote which you can carry around, especially if you do not have an Echo placed in every room.

The device can be used for controlling lights, switches, outlets, thermostats, and much more. Using it is also pretty easy. You will have to give commands to Alexa like you do with the Echo, to turn on or off any device in the house.

  • Answers General Questions

You can ask general questions and the device will answer it. For instance, you can ask what?s on your calendar or what?s the weather for the day? These are a simple question which can be asked using the Dash Wand. The device can also prove to be helpful when you have to convert various measurements like gallons to cups while cooking in this kitchen. Thus, it can help with the cooking process.

  • Finds Recipes and Local Restaurants

Another great benefit of the Dash Wand is you can use it to find out a recipe that you love or want to cook. It can also help in locating a nearby restaurant according to your preference.

This nifty gadget will make ordering items from the online store easy and quick. The integration of Alexa makes it better than the Dash Button.