Gears 5

After the tremendous success of the Gears of War 4 that came out in 2016, The Coalition has come out with the 6th installment of the ?Gears of War? series in the form of Gears 5. This is a high-quality third-person shooter game that takes the legacy of Microsoft into the next generation.

A Brief Intro to Gears 5

The Gears 5 has an intriguing storyline and also has very new gameplay that is sure to impress the series lovers. It was released on 10th September 2019 on the Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Xbox One platforms. This video game has two modes: single-player and multiplayer and is brought to the markets by Xbox Game Studios.

The biggest change that the avid fans of the Gears of War series will see is in the shortening of the name. The 6th edition has a cleaner and crisper title with the ?War? portion removed from the title. In this edition, the focus is on Kait Diaz and not on JD Fenix.

Changing Gears

Gears 5 starts from where the 5th installment ended. Here, the players will play as Kait Diaz who is just recovering from the loss of her mother in the previous edition. She is all set to get things straight as far as her twisted family tree is concerned and also has to deal with the baggage that she is carrying. The new series starts with Kait going in search of answers and the Gears undergoing huge tensions. The Gears 5 looks more inclined towards a narrative and storyline game, a far cry from its predecessors. The Coalition is looking to add more flesh and a lot more humanness to this edition. Even though there is a strong bending towards human element, the makers have not taken a deep dive into the pool and have just kept its foot on the waters. It is packed with loads and loads of action and does justify its genre fully.

Combat Rules

The Gears 5 does not shine very well with the narrative element, but it has not gone away from what it is known for all these years and that is the best shooting game available in the market. Despite changing the protagonist to Kait and having a storyline of her digging her family roots, the shooter fire in the series is still intact and one can say is even bigger and better this time around.

The shooting game fans will love the reloading, shooting, switching of the weapons and the swapping cover that is offered in Gears 5. It has gone a notch up than its previous edition. The classic 80s style action is still intact in the 6th edition and there is a lot of blood pumping festival in store of the Gears fans.

Three Types of Multiplayer Modes Gaming Setup Idea

Horde, Versus, or Escape are the three types of multiplayer modes that the players can take part in the Gears 5 shooting video game.

  • Horde

This is a multiplayer mode where the player will be seen fighting against the Artificial Intelligence controlled horde enemies with the help of the other players. It is all about teamwork and the main aim of the player is to collect the required power to get better weapons and build defenses to keep the powerful enemies at bay.

  • Escape

This is a new mode that suits the players who are looking for a quickie and do not have time to play the long horde mode. This is a chaotic maze-filled mode that requires the player to work in a three-member team to battle against the hive map of the enemy. They need to be nimble and quick on their feet and strike at anything that comes their way to avoid getting engulfed in the poisonous gas that is coming behind them.

  • Versus

As the name suggests, there are a lot of arcade modes on offer here like Team Deathmatch, Guardian, Bootcamp, Arms Race, etc. that are quick matches for everyone who loves the good old and classic Gears multiplayer modes. There is a lot of slicker mechanics and bite in this version than the previous editions.

Gears 5 System Requirements

The recommended system requirements to enjoy Gears 5 are:

  • 64-bit processor and Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
  • 16 GB RAM.
  • 120 GB hard disk storage space.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070ti graphics processor.
  • Direct X version 12 and a compatible sound card.
  • Broadband internet connection.

Is Gears 5 a Cool Game?

Gears 5 will be a new experience for the die-hard Gears of Wars fans as it comes with a bigger and better campaign and five entertaining modes: map builder, Horde, Escape, Versus, and Campaign. It is the best series so far with added multiplayer modes, nerve-racking firefights, even better shooting mechanics, and a campaign that offers loads and loads of excitement, fun, and thrills from start to finish.