Apple Said to be Working on Modular, High-End, Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Apple Said to be Working on Modular, High-End, Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Apple has been trying to introduce some new devices in the premium segment besides the usual lineup. For quite some time there were rumors on foldable screens, new wallpapers, smaller phones, and now, headphones. The small tiny ear buds were highly successful without a doubt, so much so, that all others soon started making their own.

This time around Apple is trying to introduce some cool stuff under its brand. With some degree of customization and premium price tag, these over-ear headphones can be expected by the end of this year. The over-ear headphones will support some kind of configuration for specific uses as well. It sounds all good but we also know it is going to be working on Apple devices only, so this post won’t be of much help to others.

Features of Rumored Over-Ear Headphones

In a bid to go completely wireless Apple Inc introduced the Air Pods a while back. It had removed any ports whatsoever, and to take the music experience beyond that, headphones might be the next thing coming. Apple has let the press know the following things till now.

  • It has tipped to launch the first of its kind, modular over-ear headphones.
  • They will be equipped with modular parts such as swappable ear pads.
  • It will be very expensive and be stacked in the premium-only segment.

According to the report, Apple’s engineers are working on an over-ear wireless headphone that will have some parts that can be swapped for customizations as accessories. These will be sold separately. They aim to take a stab at the high-end audio product market with wireless in mind. It is also known that first, they will be introducing a premium variant with leather-clad body and fitness focused design with lighter materials, small perforations, and so on. Later, a budget version should also come up given the success of the premium version.

Look and Feel of the Product

The report is a bit old and so could be the look and feel of the product as well. Some initial prototypes included a retro look with oval-shaped ear cups. These cups could swivel too. Paired with a headband that was connected by thin metal arms, the design would resonate more like the retro headphones. Further, the arms will stern over the top of the ear cups instead of the sides. In terms of variations of the products, they should offer some surprises in a selection of color, materials, and so on. Air Pods were wireless, so a wireless high-fidelity version is expected.

Noise cancellation is something that has been in the market for quite some years now. Sony, Bose, Beats has already perfected this by a large margin, so it will be good to see Apple using the same as the first step and going to further polish the same.

In summary, these over-ear headphones will be decent but priced very high. They will only work with Apple to ensure superior compatibility and come with hassle-free servicing for at least one year.