Asus Future Gaming Computer and Laptop Technology 2021

Asus is pushing the boundary in gaming technology in desktop computers and portable laptops. Even, the mobile workstation is a successful niche of Asus.

Asus is the laptop brand that has been putting out new technologies in laptop and mobile gaming for over a decade. It has consistently participated in game-trade shows, competitions, and marketed products for gamers in the audience. In 2021, Asus has been able to attract attention with some new products, the first of its kind.

Count on Asus, for All Gaming Needs:

For a very long time, there were just two companies, Asus, and MSI that used to produce customized laptops, computers for gaming. Playing hardcore games with dedicated graphics cards is not a new thing. There were tons of producers back in the days when 3D wasn’t even a thing. New companies like NVIDIA were not known to the average public. The cost of computers with a dedicated video card or graphics memory was very high and they came with a different kind of motherboard.Asus

Asus was a game-changer with its ROG or Republic of Gamers line of products. It was marketed directly to students it was meant for those with a relatively lower budget. Asus laptops and gaming laptops have always been at the forefront of technology every year. They bring forward a new idea every time. Whether it is dual screens, keyboard placement, lifted bottom, curved screens, active cooling, and so on.

It was the first brand with a Ryzen-powered laptop for gamers in 2021. It was the G14 and soon after MSI released their G66. This doesn’t mean that laptops are not polished well and hastily assembled. They are one of the best in the market. They are a good investment regardless of the product range you choose to buy. Some of the best gaming or other laptops from Asus are listed here but in general, it makes gaming accessories, smartphones, and more.

The Best Laptops in 2021:

2021 saw a bunch of releases from Asus, and among them, the Zephyrus line was a total success.

AMD’s Zephyrus G14:

This particular brand managed to get the best battery life in a gaming laptop until this date. This meant it left behind even Razor. It came to the market with its AMD Ryzen 7 4800HS, which is a heavy-duty CPU and has no competition in the market. Intel is still far behind in making up for this. The graphics card was NVIDIA with its GTX 1660 Ti and one could customize it up to RTX 2060 straight from the factory. This meant peace of mind.Asus

You could order your G14 with up to 32 GB of RAM. The screen was a great delight as well. Most gaming manufacturers just hastily assemble a good RAM and CPU and leave it. The screen must always calibrate for a great viewing experience and also for working on it. Content creation is a serious subject as well as graphic design, and Asus laptops can be used for all of these.

The Zephyrus line of gaming laptops is also capable of content creation, graphic design out of the box. The screen is a 14-inch non-glare version that has Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, a perfect sweet spot. It is an IPS panel and offers up to 120 Hz refresh rate. You can even manage to get a WQHD panel in the same non-touch and non-glare version.

In the storage department, it managed to give 512 NvMe PCIe 3.0 and you could upgrade it up to 2TB of superfast SSD with all M.2 cards.

The thin and powerful line of gaming laptops is the dream being chased by many manufacturers and Razer and Aorus made an impact earlier. In the year 2019, Razer was praised for making a great laptop. Asus took notice and upgraded its Zephyrus line for the same. It released the Zephyrus S line with the GX701.

You could see that it was meant for gaming and was sleepy and stylish. The first product that made an impact on gamers was probably the GX531GX. IT was the Asus ROG Zephyrus, with its Republic of Gamers edition branding. This laptop was instantly recognizable for its futuristic looks. A keyboard moved towards the lower end of the laptop.

The ROG Zephyrus SGX531 was one of the best Windows laptops for heavyweight computing. This meant that with the single laptops you could play the best games; do content creation, and graphic design, wherever you wished as a student without breaking the bank. A corresponding MAC would cost you 10 times the price. This came to the market with i7 8750H, GeForce RTX 2080, 24 GB of RAM, and 15.6 inches of Full HD screen. This had a 144 Hz refresh rate as well. And, then you could add 1 TB of SSD. For more top-of-the-line laptops from Asus, one could visit this page.

The Two-Screen Laptop:

The ZenBook Pro Duo from Asus made. A big impact when it was release. It was the first dual-screen laptop in the market. It showed how well two-screen could use. This came in another line of laptops, not their usual gaming line, and it focused on productivity rather than gaming. Yet, this laptop was the best inside and had a sleek and thin design outside. This was the UX581. The incredible part of the manufacturing process was to enable.

The mouse pad is to use as a second screen. This means that a small screen can use complete standalone screen lying right near your fingers. There were many use cases such as using it as a dual touchpad and Numpad when needed. You could use it for shortcuts and keys, icons, apps, and more.Asus

In the next attempt. It took the concept further with Asus releasing a new laptop with a big screen spanning the entire keyboard deck, almost half of it.

The Future of Gaming Technology

Asus has been pushing the boundaries in battery technology, accessories, screen, keyboards, cooling solutions, and much more in desktops and well as laptops. Its design and makes its own motherboards. One must pay much-needed attention to their products when they arrive later in 2021 as well.