New Nvidia Graphics Cards RTX 2080 Ti Is the Future of Gaming

Are you building or buying a gaming PC? Then the graphics card is more important than your CPU.

Unfortunately, the process of selecting a GPU can be intimidating. You?ll need to consider the size of your PC case, the type of monitor and game settings.

But not anymore! Nvidia is offering the next generation of graphic cards. Such include the RTX 2080 Ti.

The Nvidia graphics card offer support for real-time tracing, a technology that makes video graphics realistic than before.

Read on to see how the RTX 2080 Ti performs.

The Hardware

The hardware if the first impression you get when looking for Nvidia Graphics Cards. It?s gorgeous heft and lines doesn?t disappoint. RTX 2080 Ti is sheathed in matte, and machine finished aluminium.

Even better, Nvidia is no longer using the blower; which is common in computer serves. Instead, the 2080 Ti cards use a pair of axial fans which your ears will appreciate.

Under the hood, you?ll find a full-length vapour chamber which keeps your GPU cool.

The new Nvidia Graphics Cards require 260W to function correctly. That’s a substantial step-up from 180W in Nvidia preceding GPUs. For stable operation, NVidia recommends a power supply of not less than 650W.

What does this mean? Gaming fans with a three years old compatible PC require to invest in a new power supply unit.

The RTX 2080 Ti series comes with three Display Port 1.4a output and an HDMI 2.0B connector. The set can drive monitors with at least 8K resolution.

As a gamer, you?re concerned about the future-proofing of this card. But don?t worry! The Nvidia graphics card has an in-built USB-C port. It also offers support for Virtual Link for next-generation VR headphones.

The Software and Set-Up Guideline ?

Do you want to install RTX 2080 Ti series to your gaming PC? Check for PCIe slots in your desktop and plug-in.

Make sure the two 8-pin connectors are plugged in to feed power to your CPU. Upon powering up, the ?RTX? logo should light-up. The lighting is incredible in a transparent PC case.

If you?re an extreme user, you may consider using two  Nvidia Graphics Cards. You?ll then use an interconnector to link the two GPUs.

Among the many benefits of using the RTX 2080 Ti series is the ability to support real-time ray tracing. The technique offers incredible lighting effects in your game.

The Performance

With RTX 2080 Ti, the ricocheting of guns is highly realistic. The same case with polished surfaces. Even better, the shadows look more real like all thanks to ray tracing.

If you put the PC to a stress test, the results will be amazing. First, the CPU temperature remains at mid-70 degrees Celsius. The noise from the fan is inaudible from a PC at the floor level.


Do you want to join the elite world of Nvidia Graphics Cards?? RTX 2080 Ti is your best bet towards a top-notch gaming experience. It?s a compelling card exceeding 60 fps in 4K in the best PC games without a blink.