Fortnite Finally Available on Google Play

Fortnite Finally Available on Google Play

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you know that you got your hands on the Fortnite?s mobile version just one year ago. Moreover, you found the installation technique to be unusual as you needed to install a side-loading app outside of your trusted store available in your phone.

About Fortnite?

Fortnite is a well-known online video game that is developed by Epic Games. It was first released in the year 2017. Recently, the app has been launched in the Google Play Store by Epic Games for making it easily accessible to Android users. You can download this Play Store app from Android phones to play.

The Reason

The developers associated with Fortnite had no other option but to do it this way because it intended that search engines like Google could not gain profits particularly from the in-app purchases within the online game you made. Also, many people wanted to adhere to all the warnings given to the users not to install any app outside the Google Play Store mentioned in the Android phones specifically.

Epic Games Launch Fortnite on Google Play Store

Epic Games have finally come up with the launch of Fortnite on Google Play Store. Now all the Android users can download the app from the trusted store without worries. Regarding this, Epic Games stated they have realized after operating Fortnite outside Google?s trusted store over 18 months that it is disadvantageous for Android users to download the software from outside sources, unlike Google Play Store. This is because:

  • Google fears users by showing business and technical measures disadvantageous.
  • Provide repetitive security pop-up messages for updated and downloaded software.
  • Making restrictions on the agreements and dealings between the carrier and manufacturer.
  • Public relations of Google characterize the software sources of the third party as malware.
  • It has come up with Google Play Protect to block software that is outside the Google Play Store.

After Launching?

After launching the Fortnite game for Android users through Google Play Store, Epic Games announced that they will have to pay approximately 30% of their earnings from all the in-app purchases that have been made straight to Google. Tim Sweeney, the CEO at Epic Games said he is not the biggest fan of Apple and Google. He thinks that a 30% store tax is much higher in a globe where 70% of the game developers include all the costs required to operate, develop, and support the online games.

Expectations from the Switch

When the app used to be installed as a side-loaded app in Android phones, there was a push of the Fortnite stores that looked similar to the ones of Epic Games and they offered downloads for APK Android with several surprises that were unexpected by the users. The decision of switching from APK Android to Google Play Store by Epic Games is expected to be the best one. Although this shift will strike Epic Games? profit a little bit, more users will be able to use it as they were not confident in downloading apps outside the trusted store.