Honda Plans to Reveal its in-Car AI Virtual Assistant at CES 2020

Google made a big splash with its software person that could talk back to you and hold a conversation in real-time. It is called Google Virtual Assistant. Since then Cortana by Microsoft and Bixby by Samsung, and many more started surfacing and adding similar capabilities to their products. This AI virtual assistant in today’s speaking friend that can reply to your queries in real-time and help you with lots of things without even touching your phone.

The Field of Virtual Assistants and Use Cases

Before any technology makes it to the consumer’s companies have to think about the use cases. If it makes sense and is affordable, then it passes the development pipeline. The latest achievements of these AI virtual assistants have been assisting humans in things like weather queries, controlling smart home appliances, hands-free calls, messages and more.

But the scenario is slowly changing and for the good. Other fields like the automobile industry are taking their approach into integrating such assistants to make things work, easier and helpful for the driver. Honda has revealed its plans to add in-car virtual assistants at CES 2020. Now, not just Amazon, Google, and Apple but also automobile industries like Tesla will empower their cars with AI-powered gadgets and software.

The ?Honda Personal Assistant? is like no other. The carmaker is making bold claims as to what their AI virtual assistant can accomplish. For example, Honda has claimed that the Personal Assistant will feature unprecedented capabilities speed and accuracy for voice recognition.

The Capabilities of an AI Virtual Assistant

Given the amount of money invested in these technologies and the feats accomplished by Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and others this is a bit tough to believe without seeing in action. Even the years of development that have gone into the above AI virtual assistants, their performance is limited and their acceptance is still not that wide.

However, Honda claims that its Personal Assistant will be able to understand the context such as where the vehicle is and previous requests so that the assistance is better and human-like.

The Features of Honda Personal Assistant

As known to others, Honda’s AI virtual assistant known as the Honda Personal Assistant will be called by saying ?OK Honda?, which is pretty standard as Google introduced it. Also, it’s unclear if one can customize it?

Another similar concept by Honda was dubbed as ?Smartphone as Brain? technology that it is supposed to announce and showcase in CES 2020. This is supposed to provide a ?Safe and Convenient? way for drivers to use their mobiles while on the road. To mitigate accidents from drivers using their smartphones while driving is a big threat to the people and the automobile industry. Thus, according to touching the screen while driving at 60mph, this concept will let you use your voice to access different functions on your mobile.


The concept is very promising and much welcome if executed properly.


Given previous attempts, the results are speculative.


Virtual assistants are surely going to take over once they reach the level of finesse required. These ideas are revolutionary and we are yet to see their implementation