How to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home and Car after You have Gone Outside?

The novel coronavirus is causing a threat to human life. It is mandatory to keep up measures to help reduce the infection caused by the virus and the spread of COVID-19. It’s been known that the contagious virus can enter your body through a lot of ways by droplet transmission. Hence, health authorities and the government are giving constant advice for keeping an individual’s standards of hygiene a little updated to save people from the threat. Amidst the global lockdown, the need for an individual to go and fetch the essential commodities such as food, medicines, groceries, etc. cannot be kept apart. Its infected surfaces pose a threat by spreading the virus. You must be aware of every possible way of infection and the methods to mitigate it and how to kill coronavirus germs that you bring to your dwell after a long spend outside. The possible ways of virus transmission through surfaces include when you deal with shopping carts, standing in a queue, having group prayers, using lift buttons, etc. There is always a need to disinfect your home once or twice a week. Washing your hands every 20 seconds is always good to keep away the germs from entering your body when you occasionally touch your eyes and nose. The sanitizing products available for benefit in the market at present are Lysol. Such as Clorox, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Here we provide you some simple ways to get rid of any future possibilities of infection.

  • Wipes to Clean Surfaces

It is always the best to use disinfectant wipes such as Clorox or Lysol wipes to clean those surfaces where you are in constant contact. A sufficient amount of time should be provided for drying the surface once you wipe it with the disinfectants.

  • Disinfectant Spray

Make sure to have a disinfectant spray in your home to clean the couch, carpets, etc. that is in contact with outsiders. You may spray it on such surfaces in a sweeping way so that all the surfaces get equally exposed to the spray. The best sprays available are Clorox, Lysol, and Sani prime. Once sprayed, you may let it dry for some time.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

It is found that 3 % of hydrogen peroxide can keep away the Rhinovirus within 10 minutes. Pour the mixture directly on surfaces that are exposed, such as toilets, tiles, etc. Once it is soaked in, brush the area up to kill the germs.

  • Micro Ban 24 for Disinfection

Microban 24 is the new product of Proctor and gamble. The company claims that the product has enhanced antimicrobial properties. It will do disinfection within 24 hours. If used every day, Microban 24 can keep away your chances of getting infected by viruses. The product is available in spray and wipes form.

  • Cleaning Your Vehicles with Wipes

It is always recommended to wipe off the areas daily where you are in constant touch when it comes to the case of your car. It is still better to use Lysol, or Clorox wipes to wipe off the steering, Car door handle, nobs, player switches, console, etc.

Following the given disinfection methods can help you alleviate the possible ways of COVID-19 infections.