New Android App Lets You Know about Woman Business

New Android App Lets You Know about Woman Business

An Android app that directs you to businesses run by women? Certainly, Madam comes this way. Yelp has just the thing, for iOS or Android, in English or Japanese, courtesy of Google Play Store.

  • Yelp

Yelp, if you don?t know, is an internet service that aims to connect people with great local businesses. Their mobile app in 2020 is probably the easiest way to search for a business near you. And in March 2019, they offered a new facility in honor of International Women?s day: a new app to help you find women?s businesses.

  • Why are They doing it?

The aim is to help people support female entrepreneurs in their local communities across the country. By enabling this search feature, Yelp has made it easier to find and support women-owned businesses. Interest in this has grown rapidly over the past five years. It seems that customers want to promote and empower their sisters. So they try to put their?hard-earned cash into businesses where that will happen. You can join in. iOS or Android; get the app from Google Play.

  • Act Local, Think Global

Now, this ties in with a lot of other things in the economic world, if you?ll excuse a slight digression. The World Bank, no less, sees women as the key to global development. The World Bank says that at present only 30% of small to medium businesses are owned and managed by ladies. Women especially lack capital, so the bank recently started the Women?s Enterprise Financial Initiative.

That?s a grand title, isn?t it? It also has a grand objective: providing $1 billion to give women mentors, investment, and programs to help build their enterprises.

The Global Banking Alliance for Women has members in 135 countries. They, too, work to provide access to finance, information, education, and markets. I bet they?ve all got the app.

  • Connect Your Business

Female business owners can activate the attribute on their Yelp dashboards. And if any woman-owned business wants to display an identifying decal in their shop-window or storefront, they can easily get one.

  • The Big Question

Why should anyone support businesses owned and managed by women? There are a number of answers to that question, and they?re quite serious, so bear with me, please.

The first reason, for many people, is equality. And supporting women to rise into positions of power and prestige is a matter of gender solidarity.

In most countries, for most of history, women have been held back and lacked opportunities. They faced negative attitudes and traditional roles that kept them at home, nurturing others. Here?s a way to change the situation. Get the app and use it. Go for it, Gal!

Another reason is health. Communities, where women and men have equal opportunities, are more peaceful and have better public services.

A third possibility: scientists have shown that thriving, women-owned businesses benefit the entire community. GDP grows and the whole economy improves. When women?s initiative is restricted it?s the opposite. Individuals, communities, countries and the global economy lose possible economic benefits.

According to the International Finance Corporation, women entrepreneurs make new products, open new markets, offer new skills, and create new supply chains. So it?s win-win-win.

  • Whatever Next!

How can you add to those gains? Simply download the app for iOS or for Android through the Google Play store, in English or Japanese. So what are you waiting for?

  • Trivial Pursuits Lovers Please Note

It is a fascinating fact from the fascinating fact factory.? Since the app?s launch last year 72,454 businesses have added the ?Women-Owned? tag to their profiles. About half of them are in Home Services, Health, and Medical, or Beauty and Spas. Review mentions of women-owned businesses have risen by 20% this year.