Multiplayer Games on android

Multiplayer Games on android

As everything, for now, is canceled, no sport, no trip, no outing, no schools, the population is sneaking to their home to quarantine themselves to avoid the threats from the growing coronavirus crisis. Experts recommend staying distant and do self-quarantine even if you are the one with no sign of illness. Now let’s discuss techniques to keep away boredom these days and to make the quarantine days enjoyable.

With android games getting huge responses, multiplayer games have evolved from simple leaderboards to real-time plays. Are you planning for a good time with your family and friends? There are tons and tons of gaming options. Here are some excellent multiplayer games that are worth trying.


PUBG is supported almost in every new mobile version. It?s a virtual battle where you have to fight with all the other 99 players on an island. You can fetch all the weapons up for a perfect battle. The one that will remain till last will be the winner.


For Minecraft, you will have to spend some money.? The game cost $ 6.99. In the game, you are dropped into a random world. There are three modes of play, survival, creative, and realms mode. You can build creative homes to castles in the game. You have to even fight against the bad guys for the win.

Asphalt 9: Legends

This is an epic game where you do racing and will compete with your fellow players by taking part in various events. In the game, you are free to pick up your favorite car and run it over spectacular areas.


It is a game for people obsessed with Zombies. You need to accomplish missions and fight against zombies. You can even make a Zombie army and compete with the players.

Bomb Squad

This game will let eight people participate virtually. It includes ninjas, barbarians, and a lot more characters. It is available to play with touch screens.

Chess by AI Factory

It is the usual chess game with a lot of graphic options. The game is payable. The free version comes with a lot of advertisements in between.

Crossy Road

It is another popular game in which you direct a chicken to overcome obstacles and move forward. It requires location permission for advertisements.

Farming Simulator

The game is for people who love playing farming multiplayer games. It has various accessories crops to grow, vehicles, simulators, etc. You can play it with several players.

Riptide GP Renegade

This is a game for race fans. It has provisions for multiplayer gaming on screen. However, it needs more controllers. The graphics are quite impressive in this game.

Sea Battle 2

It?s exactly like the classic game of Battleship. It offers two modes of play: pass play and Bluetooth play. It has even single and multiplayer options in it.

The multiplayer games are available on Google Play. You may have a pretty good time playing these amazing multiplayer games.