Best Video Games and Gaming Gadgets for Beginners

Best Video Games and Gaming Gadgets for Beginners

At the moment, there are so many video games available in the market, and as such, this is the perfect time for newbie players to indulge in this world. Whether you want to dive in the trenches like a marine or play a relaxed title, including Animal Crossing, it could be a reasonably smooth experience getting used to them. A great place to start, especially for beginners, would be to determine their preferred type. Establishing such factors inspires you in all your other choices.


There are a few sports best suited for PC and consoles, while some can only be played on mobile devices. The beginner-friendly games are available on all platforms, and with a computer or phone, you are good to go. However, to play the newest hit titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Final Fantasy VII Remake, you need to buy a new console. With this in mind, if possible, it is crucial to make use of the electronics at your disposal. Here, you will learn the way to get into gaming, the games you can attempt to play, as well as the electronics to purchase.

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Lead Titles for Newbie Gamers

In case you are unsure of your interest, such games are exceptional for newcomers and extend to various systems. With a fast search online, you can take your pick from the multiple available in today?s market.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Out in the field of Nintendo Change, New Horizons happens to be a relaxed sport with minimal stakes. Players are expected to turn an abandoned island into a brisk oasis with no wrong approach when playing the New Horizons. For the duration that you stay on the island, you will find funny characters, enhance your private residence, and finish on seasonal occasions.


The sport is available on virtually every electronic gadget in the world, and it allows gamers to channel their inner innovations and, at the same time, discover an open world that is randomly-generated. It is yet another game where whichever way you choose to game is considered right. It provides such a broad array of content with low-quality graphics. Since Minecraft can be played without a lot of resources, you can begin playing today either on your phone or PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is available on PlayStation 4, PC, as well as Xbox One. It is among the top first-person shooters accessible in the market. Even though its online play could be a bit hard for newbies, it has an incredible campaign mode to learn the ins and outs of combat.

Mario Kart 8

It is available on Nintendo Switch and among the most easily accessible racing games. It features classic characters from previous Super Mario games; newbie gamers can game offline against computer opponents before going online for vigorous multiplayer matches.

Buy the Required Gadgets

Once you settle for the kind of game you wish to play, you will need the right accessories like a controller, mouse, or keyboard. However, these typically come coupled with the hardware, and as such, you need to upgrade. There are several options you could consider when buying gaming gear.?

Last Generation Consoles

An affordable option would be Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 as such systems and their respective sports would be less costly compared to the existing generation of consoles. However, these systems lack a newly released game.?

PlayStation 4

Among the consoles with the most power in the market, PS4 has individual titles. They include Persona 5, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and God of War.

Xbox One

Just like PS4, Xbox One is a powerful console. It contains various unique titles, including Gears 5, Forza 7, and Halo 5.


The platform provides all the most notable titles and many smaller indie games. You can build your PC, although newbies should keep buying prebuilt setups.

Android and iOS

In the current market, mobile games are gradually becoming a viable substitute for a few PC and console sports. You can choose incredible titles like Super Mario Run, Call of Duty: Mobile, and Black Desert Online.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch can be utilized as a portable console. It has titles like Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as well as Super Smash Bros.

As long as you have a powerful computer, you can play a broad range of free games such as the famous Fortnite or the sci-fi shooter Apex Legends and Warframe. You could also try the Gwent, which is a free card game or Brawlhalla, a 2D brawling sport.