Do We Need a Blockchain Cell Phone in 2020? Ask HTC

The memories of the world’s first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency phone, HTC Exodus got decent sales according to the company, even though in 2018, the market was uncertain. For those who are not in sync, 2018 was when an imminent crash in the cryptocurrency market like Bitcoins. Ethereal was beginning to show up in the charts, and by the end of 2018, crypto continued to crash. But, even though crypto started to crash, Blockchain had pretty respected support among customers. This might have been the reason for the decent sales, as HTC claims.

Is 2020 a Crypto-Phone Year

Although, we saw not a single another manufacturer apart from HTC to embark on the Blockchain bandwagon with complete hardware dedicated totally to it. From the ground up, the hardware was built considering security and the use of cryptocurrency. This was the intimidating HTC Exodus 1. And, if the reports are true, according to DigiTimes, HTC has plans and is gearing towards a successor of the original Exodus, and might unveil HTC Exodus 2, by the end of 2019, or early 2020. So, we have to ask here, will the crashed crypto market and consumers welcome this device? Is this at all necessary given the hard time HTC is going to have to even make a sales pitch in the market?

What was Exodus 1?

It was and perhaps will be one of its kinds. The software crypto runs on needs to be more polished and high-end security, even in hardware-level intricacies. Fans of crypto and blockchain embraced HTC Exodus. And, even after 2 years, you are still going to find this device and it?s built, intriguing. Now, when a handset was such complicated and sophisticated for a nice audience, it won’t appeal to non-tech and even many tech-savvy customers. And, it will be a good thing to wait until the crypto market has fully recovered in 2020.

The 2nd generation of Exodus will be more tight and solid. HTC is already struggling in the smartphone segment and perhaps is already eroded outside its home market. With a range of midranges, it made a comeback, but it was not that useful either.


Exodus 2 will feature enhanced hardware-level scrutiny than earlier;

  • It will come with more decentralized apps or DApps.
  • It has a crypto-linked cold storage wallet.
  • It offers secure exchange access and encrypted communications.
  • It also has a P2P resource sharing system for payment and apps.


  • The phone is targeted to only a small niche and may not be widely available.
  • It is probably going to cost as much or more than Exodus 1 vary based on Bitcoin’s value.

The Next Venture

The benefit of blockchain lies in technology and accessibility to data ensuring privacy and security. Exodus 2 will guarantee that is the case with it. HTC claims new startups are all for crypto and without a device that is secure enough to use it, you can’t do any business or a transaction and, Exodus 2 is therefore definitely coming.