This New Mobile Game is a Webtoon Korean Free-for-All

This New Mobile Game is a Webtoon Korean Free-for-All

The new anime The God of High School, Tower of God, and Noblesse have one thing in common and that is they all are based on Webtoon Korean. It is a popular medium of publishing online comics in South Korea. And the latest news is they all are part of a blockbuster mobile game which is going to open its door to gamers speaking English.

About the Game

Hero Cantare is a Korean free-to-play mobile game with various opportunities for the players to go for optional micro-transactions. One of the pre-registration bonuses includes 500,000 Gold and it seems that players who will sign up for the game in advance need not worry about the micro-transactions for a moment. Interested gamers can sign up in both Google Play Store and iOS for getting notifications regarding its release scheduled by May 2020 end.

Playing the Mobile Game

You can play as different characters of Korean webtoons in Hero Cantare. It is very similar to Kingdom Hearts in which you are allowed to navigate an RPG that is occupied by several characters by Disney. Hero Cantare includes various characters from online comics that are available on Naver Webtoons, one of the largest hubs for webtoons across the globe. It is a rogue-like based on turns where gamers get to play the characters from various Korean webtoons. Then they need to unite them into teams and send into the dungeons of Tetra, the fictional world.

The Reason behind this Initiative

Webtoon Korean was known as a place of interest previously. But recently it has been seen that it is picking up readers from different parts of the world. The popularity of the comics from South Korea became increasingly popular especially in the regions where people speak in English. And this popularity is the reason for the medium to get a mobile format for the first time. With vertical scrolling and bright colors, Webtoons, also known as manhwa, were designed initially for smartphones, and not for comic books. Now, this medium is gaining readers internationally and many of them are also defecting from superhero comics of America.

The Reason behind the Popularity of Webtoon Korean

This medium has become so popular because it covers a wide range of topics, themes, and subjects. TappyToon CEO, Sun Bang said as the drama and romance genres in webtoons are more popular, it brings in a lot of female readers. According to Sun Bang, most of the digital webtoon or manhwa are made in color helping the immense readers in a different new way. It largely differs from Korean manga that is mostly black and white.

Availability of the New Game

The players in Oceania and North America can pre-register Hero Cantare. Previously, when it was just available in South Korea, Naver Webtoons published a press release saying that there were a total of one million pre-registrants for the game. There are bonuses for Webtoon Korean game pre-registration where the players can unlock the chief character of Tower of God, Bam, and the chief character from The God of High School, Jin-Mori along with freebies.