Go Focus-Free & APP-Free with World’s First Bijou Pocket Projector

Hoping to have a small projector for quick presentations but can’t find anything online? The trouble with presentations is that you have to wait for the setup, pull all the cables, connect, select INPUT to HDMI or something else, and by the time it is over, all the momentum is lost. GadgeTek is working to make this obsolete.

It is the size of a Credit Card

A mini projector inside your smartphone is all around China. But, that is not what we mean here. Buying a phone just to have an inbuilt projector is not wise. To have a slim and compact device that you can carry anywhere and use it as you prefer is more rational. On Kickstarter, here is a device called Bijou. Currently, with 146 backers, it has gathered over $42,000 USD. The company is called Gateway, and the device looks really neat and stylish. It is supposed to start shipping by December 2019 and is promoting various neat campaigns. For example, with $650 you get 2 Bijou, 2 adapter cables for Type C and a lightning connector, all this at an 80% discount for early bird.

The small card-sized projector is neatly designed and has clean aesthetics. They are targeting people who wish to use a smartphone as a projector but don?t work like that. The Bijou works like a charm and can project your screen like an iPad or iPhone’s accessory.

This is as skinny as something that can easily fit in your shirt pocket or jeans pocket, even compact than your iPhone 11, the size of a CARD.

Syncs the Phone’s Screen Seamlessly

The device Bijou is a pocket projector that can simultaneously sync to your phone’s screen on the wall without any kind of installation. It is a plug and play device. This smart projector is capable of projecting on any kind of surface while still remaining ultra-slim and lightweight. You can carry it in the pocket of your skinny jeans without any hassle.

It works like this. There is a connector that connects to the USB C or Lightning connector on your phone and is wired to the projector. What you see on your phone’s screen is projected to the surface your Bijou is pointed towards. With this simple device, you can lie on your bed and couch and enjoy your smartphone without lifting it above your head and let it eventually fall on your face. Since this projector gives a bigger screen for your content on the phone, you are actually carrying a big screen for media and content consumption. This makes jobs like looking and practicing yoga, looking and making a dish in your kitchen all very comfortable.

When talking about scaling up and giving a bigger picture, you can enjoy up to 100 inches of screen diagonally. The projector is also angled at 14 degrees so that if you keep it on a flat surface, it still projects upward by 14 degrees and not straight. So, no need to find a surface or a pile of books to keep them on. The Bijou pocket projector gives you an enormous screen right where you want it.

Works on Any Surface, Even on a Curved Surface

The Bijou pocket projector is built on an advanced architecture and piece of technology. It is made with something called MEMS laser scanning which makes it focus-free. The ?focus-free? technology is not the standard in other projects, even more, expensive ones, in the market. They use old-school tech and mostly because they are not meant to be portable or used anywhere.

In the case of Bijou, the focus-free technology allows you to project the screen on any kind of surface, even on a curved surface. The LBS technology makes it possible. Not just that, this projector is also a good audio device. You can leave it nearby and enjoy high-quality audio directly from it. This is possible because of the built-in speaker. However, it also comes with an audio jack for using a pair of headphones and this is a much-welcomed addition to help fasten processes.

With the audio and focus-free projection, there also comes the display. How is the projection quality? As with all kinds of surfaces, this projector can’t ensure there is always a white surface. This is why it comes with an inbuilt real black background on top on which the phone screen is projected. The black color is more vivid and clear and this makes it amazing to watch on any kind of screen, even the curved ones.

This device is really compact and yet it has managed to put together a lot of buttons and ports. This is what makes this pocket projector a great overall device, portable as well as productive.

With a Series of Connectivity Features

The Bijou pocket projector is an amazing device by Gateway. While on one side it houses the volume button with a nice perforated speaker grill by its side. On its side, there is the lone projector lens. This is undisturbed by anything beside it. On another side, you can find the audio-out jack with the USB Type C connector right beside it. This is used for charging or power input to the card-sized device. It does not run on AA or AAA type of batteries.

Then, turn it over and you can see the charging indicator, the power indicator, and another USB Type C jack. There is also the power button right beside it, so, one cable for input and another for charging the device. The device is plug-and-play, so no setup is required either. You do not need to install yet another app on your smartphone to use this.


  • No need to focus, it is automatically based on laser beam scanning.
  • Neat, compact, lightweight and smart.


  • A wireless module is very much welcome but absent.

Final Thoughts

The card-sized pocket projector is a real thing if you always wanted something to carry and be productive at the same time. It makes using the projector much more convenient.