Poke ball plus Pokemon go

Who does not know of Nintendo? They have been leading the market of handheld video games for a very long time in the US. With the recent launch of Nintendo Switch, it made a splash in the market once again attracting gamers and curious minds alike. The Poke ball Plus is yet another adventure in the long journey, and with its Nintendo Switch, you can bring your gameplay to the real world. This accessory gives you much more.

The Real World Experience

If you are remember how throwing the Poke ball would allow one to catch Pokemons and capture them inside the ball. This is what this device exactly does. It has a button to press on the ball, and waving the device in front of your TV allows you to mimic the action of throwing and capturing the Pokemon.

To play with the help of the new Pokeball Plus, you can choose to either of their two new games on Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon: ?Let’s Go Pikachu? and Pokemon: ?Let’s Go Eevee?, this accessory can be used and played like never before.

So, to enjoy this new accessory or input device to interact with the games, you need to pair it up with your Nintendo Switch and download the above two games. We explain the technology behind this device below.

How does the Poke ball Plus Work?

The Poke ball Plus does a lot of things, and we shall explain them here. First, it comes with motion control capability so that you can catch a wild Pokemon by throwing the ball at it, as described above. Then, there are effects with lights, sound, and vibration. These make and feel more like playing with a real Poke ball. When you catch a new Pokemon, it will light up, just like in the cartoon, and then it will vibrate, with a unique cry from inside resembling that there is a real Pokemon inside the ball. You have to experience it to really feel the difference.

Then, you can carry your Pokemon with you, just like in the cartoon with this Poke ball. When you go out, even unconnected, and gently shake the Poke ball Plus, it will vibrate and make a unique sound. It is so real and life-like.


  • You need Pokemon: ?Let’s Go Pikachu? and ?Let’s Go Eevee? to play this.
  • You need a Nintendo switch.
  • You can use Poke ball Plus with your smartphone too, using the ?Pokemon Go? app.
  • The ball has lights, vibration, sound, and motion control technology to make the fantasy real.


  • It is for kids, and should not be considered as a sophisticated device.
  • The Poke ball Plus is a gaming accessory, and the games can be played even without one.
  • It cannot be used for offline, AR, or VR applications.

Final Play

The Poke ball Plus from Nintendo, once again, puts the video game company offering something experimental. It might be a real game-changer for a new and more interactive way of gameplay.