You can click some amazing photos by using these techniques

The world of photography is made up of so many artists struggling to get to the top. Unfortunately, having the best equipment is not enough, because it also involves creativity and an eye for improvising. Creative photography, therefore, entails the use of everyday objects and surroundings to make a classic.

For a masterpiece creative photography project, you will need to use smart and inexpensive ways to get ahead of the game. The great thing about this is that the sky is the limit, and you could basically use anything. And below are some of those pieces.

  1. Mirrors And other reflective surfaces

In photography, all ideas are good ideas, but they must be practical. One concept you, as a photographer, may use for your shoot would be the use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces like glass and marbles. In a smart and creative photography project, you may use a broken piece of glass, for instance, to create a masterpiece when the subject is strategically placed behind it, beside it, or in front of it. Mirrors are also a fantastic way to create connections between two aspects that may not be on the same view perspective.

  1. Food

Everybody loves food, and what better way to show that love by including them in your creative photography project. The vast array of kinds of foods at your disposal and what you can use them for is unfathomable. They come in different shapes, sizes, and, most excitingly, colors. Foods can, by far, be used to add more spice to your pictures, literally if you wish to use spices! The good thing is that getting a spinach branch or a capsicum bulb is very cheap, and they are readily available.


  1. Frameworks

If you are to look at most photos, you will realize one fundamental aspect; framing. The framing of a photo puts your subject into perspective. The extraordinary thing about using frames is that you may use molds of everyday structures like doors, windows, railings, so on and so forth. You may also use leaves, springs, and cut bottles to frame your picture. Frames create depth and give more outlook for creative photography pictures.

  1. Natural Elements

Last but not least, we have the natural elements. Here we have fire, water, air, and earth, and within these broad categories, we get shadows, smoke, and light. Each aspect mentioned does bring out a magical side to a photo, and they could be what makes the picture stand out more. For instance, smoke in creative photography is used to create a cloudy and dreamy concept that either the subject is floating in an uncertain formless surrounding. The use of light and shadows can be used to frame photos, create depth, and give a picture a beautiful story. Soil, water, rocks, and marbles may also be incorporated within your creative photography to spice up your images

.Natural Elements


Creative photography does not have to be mind baffling and expensive. As explained and shown in this article, you can make one of the best creations using the simplest of ideas relayed above.