Best PC Games 2019: The Must-Play PC Games You Don’t Want to Miss

Some of the best games of this year were first-person shooters and mobile versions of them. The games like COD made a huge splash. On the other hand, making a list of the best PC games 2019 made for PC is a challenging task. Since consoles like ?PS4? and ?Xbox? dominate the gaming industry, yet gaming laptops and desktop rigs running Windows 10 are also widely used by casual gamers worldwide.

  1. Borderland 3

This game features everything you would ask from a shooting game. A great storyline, refined shooting movements, and mechanically distinct firearms. Compared to its predecessor, the game’s plot is more substantial too. Borderlands 3 allows you to play with friends, has a comic style approach to gameplay. There is also an end-game after the main storyline is over. It allows you to switch between ammo types and effects.

It combines amazing shooting, graphics, and flow that is consistent and offers an incredible RPG-style progression. It comes with minimal tutorials and engages the player across all levels of gameplay. It is one of the best PC games in 2019 for sure.




  1. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

This game was announced in November of 2019 and is getting a lot of attention. Trailers of gameplay on PS4 are already on YouTube. The company behind it, EA announced some new things with this franchise. For those who are unaware of it, Star Wars Jedi is a third-person action shooter and adventure game set in the space across galaxies and stars. If you are a hardcore fan of the franchise you will love playing this on your Windows 10 gaming rig.

The narrative puts you in the shoes of a Jedi Padawan who narrowly escaped Order 66 and is in a quest. With some amazing graphics, adventurous scenery across the game, this is a real pleasure. This game offers battles just like in the movies.


  1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most loved and anticipated games. The release also praised it as probably the best PC games 2019 has to offer. In the genre of FPS, it has introduced freshness like no other. With its series offering multiplayer on mobile, it has been relevant for 15 years.

This is a 2V2 game and praised for ?Gun Fight? mode. You can find the gameplay on Twitch. The first player to go to 10 rounds is the winner. The graphics are hardcore and includes Team Deathmatch and also Survival Mode for gamers to enjoy. COD has made a great impact indeed.


  1. Gears 5

The tremendous success of Gears of War 4 in 2016, gamers had believed it to be the best PC games all-time. But, in 2019, the coalition has come out with the 6th installment called Gears 5. It is the continuation of the legacy of Microsoft.

Announced on September 10, Gears 5 has an intriguing storyline. The video game also has two game modes. Gears 5 starts where the previous story ended and brings additional weapon styles, graphics, characters, and combat rules. The rules have gone away a lot from previous styles. It also has three types of multiplayer modes. With some classic 80s style action still intact, Gears 5 is one of the best PC games 2019 has to offer.


  1. John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex is an entirely new action game you must try this holiday season. It caught the attention of many this year upon release. It is a timeline-based game. And, the player is supposed to give John Wick commands to carry out and instruct the type of strategies to take. It is indulging also as a fast-paced game.

It is a difficult game without world graphics. You can watch a replay of your actions and strategies making it very realistic. It is easy to die, but the more you play and die, you become an expert in the next trial and not start from scratch.




  1. Metro Exodus

In the tour of a post-apocalyptic Russia, you are wandering with your gear aiming to survive. The original creators are still behind this installment taking notes from the author of the novel it is based on.

It is not without glitches, but without a doubt, Metro Exodus is one of the best PC games 2019 has seen so far. The game begins in familiar surroundings but gradually shows the eerie and radioactive ruins around you. The scenery makes it an extremely varied and engaging game focusing on true-to-life depiction as closely as possible.



  1. Forza Horizon 4

Taking a different route from shooting and action games, the Series 15 of the racing games with a slew of elite luxury muscle cars from Koenigsegg and Bugatti. What is taking this to another level is attention is a set of contemporary cars, bringing a host of upgrades on to the Horizon Festival. This is an open-world racing game developed by Playground Games and published by Microsoft Studio.

Though initially released in 2018, it has been quite enjoyed through 2019. The PC release is also available at a reasonable price compared to the above FPS games.



  1. Apex Legends

The creative use of Mirage has played well with the ability to get invisible and more. Apex Legends is an enjoyable game and offers the players a lot of versatility. The PC version is available for under $20 offering the Battle Royale version with a completely new style of gameplay.

With a fresh graphic style and storytelling, this free-to-play game is one that offers players to play alone or in groups. You can form frontier teams and make your ultimate squad. This is probably the best PC games 2019 has to offer in the battle royal genre. You can download it for free from their official website by clicking on the ?Origin on PC? link from the drop-down menu.



  1. Players Unknown?s Battlegrounds

The PUBG Mobile made a big noise when it was announced. There were a lot of speculations of the updates on the type of graphics, updates to vehicles, clothing, character, effects and so on. Today this game has hundreds of millions of players and a history dating years. When they created the military shooter ARMA’s ?Battle Royale? mode, it became a hit that we know today.

This game has been dominating the PC market for years and in 2019, this is also one of the best PC games 2019 has seen. The updates have made it graphically demanding but still loved by their fan-base. Fortnite is still trying to catch up to it. This is another free-to-play game that has dominated the market with quality.



  • Payday 2

It was announced in October that Payday is back on track and is under development. This game is based on a gang that tries to pull off a heist in banks. With a storyline based on bank robbery, the creators expected it would not find any love and would gradually be lost. But an ultimate adventure was in demand and they decided to work on it again.

The Payday 2 Steam Edition is already available with the promise that a major PC update is coming soon. So, 2020 shall see and a great year for its loyal fan-base. The Ultimate Edition owners get the Legacy Edition automatically. And, it has all the DLC over 5 years of release. You must play it this holiday season for sure.



  • Control

The video game’s inspired narrative is supplemented with visuals and cinematic trailers. The environment chosen is well thought and it sets a premise worth giving a try. The graphics are great with a lot of particle effects, art direction and seamless melding of live-action and voice-over performances.

It is a gunplay action-packed game and although with a few glitches like slow start and structural compromises, the game is built to be enjoyed. It is also one of the best PC games 2019 has had to offer. If you like experimenting with new titles, you should try this out. The Control feels deeply cinematic with supernatural settings too, at several points.


  • Red Dead Redemption 2

The PC version of this game from Rockstar was out just a couple of days back and there are tons of reasons why you should not miss it this holiday season. The game is an epic remake and sequel to the previous one. The western-style theme makes it look fresh and appealing. It induces the concepts of honor, kindness, and ethics.

It is a realistic game where developers have put effort to concentrate on the philosophy of the characters as much as the controls and marketing. It is so real that your beard will grow in time if you don’t cut it. It is a real experience, one of the best PC games 2019 brought, and not just time pass. It takes on several forms with countryside picturesque, gameplay, controls, riding horses on bridges, moving with steam locomotives and more. The game gives a good glance at lifestyle in the west.



  • Lost Ember

Mooneye Studios has released this new game with modest systems requirements. It does not offer a multi-player version but is still engaging from a single player’s perspective. It is a different kind of game. It is for nature-loving, animal-possessing and adventure stories for people looking to play such type of games. There is more than mind control of marsupials and Lost Ember opens with a spirit. With a wealth of collectibles and rewards on exploration, this encourages you to explore. It remains superb storytelling from the start to the end. There are different animals you can control and explore the Lost Ember.

The game is developed by the same studio that published it. It has a rating of 9 out of 10 on Steam, PC Gamer and is definitely one of the best PC games 2019 has brought to the audience. Along with PC, it is also available for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

  • RAGE 2

It is a video game with action-packed performances from developers. It has satisfying action movements, a collection of well-executed ideas and a structure that is barely new. But it is an open-world game. As Walker, you travel across places and search for Arks. The story isn’t always clear and that adds to the mystique. It is a game that is unsafe for anyone without a gun. You have health packs and abilities with vehicles, guns, secondary items to carry and more.

It is not hard to think of playing this game. There is nothing o setup mainline missions or strategies and the game would do that. You can collect currencies and upgrade your soldier to an unbeatable status too. The graphics are a bit different and funky. It is artistic if you may call it so. There aren’t traditional levels and each mission is very straightforward like survival. Just a laid back slaughter type game if you have all upgrades.

  • Baba is You

This is a completely different take than all the above. This is not an action or shooter game. It is not even an RPG. It takes you out of all the chaos in the world of storytelling at all. There is no plot, no characters, and no weapons. Probably, no cut scene trailers are also required for it.

This game called ?Baba is You? teaches you how to appreciate rules by asking you to break them. It is a game that does not even have 3D quality stunning graphics. This 2D space is a puzzle. In fact, it is one of the best puzzle games in years. In order to solve each puzzle, you have to change the preset rules of the game itself, and that makes it so clever and interesting.

Every word on the screen in a movable tile and one can push a tile to win by changing ?Rock is pushing? to ?Rock is winning? to complete a puzzle for example. The Nintendo release was given a trailer on YouTube. It has been released for PC in March of 2019