Top 5 most popular indoor Games

Top 5 indoor Games

The indoor games are very popular in places where you don’t have good outdoor spots or weather conditions that require you to stay indoors. The favorite pastime among many is also the games they play professionally. Some of these indoor games are even taught as a curriculum in schools as early as primary to boost mental thinking abilities and aptitude among growing kids.

  • Snooker

This is also known as the pool in many places or billiards if you say so. Known to have originated from British Officers stationed in India somewhere around the 19th century, the game is played in all parts of the world today. Moreover, it has been represented in World Games since 2001 and players compete representing their nations.

This game involves a snooker table, snooker balls, a cue, a triangle, and chalk. It has also received Olympic recognition by the IOC. It is known to have played first in 1870 in India.


  • Bowling

This is another form of target sports indoor games just like snooker but with a rather large and heavy ball. It is a recreational activity in which players throw a ball also known as bowling ball towards a set of bottles or pins at a distance. The goal is to make all of them fall or knockdown by the single throw. There are different varieties like pin-bowling, Duckpin bowling, and Ten-pin bowling.

According to Britannica, it is also called tenpins. It has a long history too somewhere originating in a discovery made in the 1930s in Egypt. A British anthropologist made this discovery almost by chance.


  • Carrom Board

Another quite popular board game in India, Carrom is a favorite indoor game. Perhaps one of the best indoor games that doesn’t need much preparation or area. These games play inside the home without any trouble. You don’t even need any particular surface as a small table is enough to mount and sit around it.

It is also known that this game was invented by Indian Maharajas having also been credited for games like badminton and polo.

  • Bridge

This is one of the most widely played cards games. Among popular indoor games, the bridge is a tricky game. It uses the standard deck of 52 cards and in basic format is played by four people. There is a group of 2 competing against each other here. It is known to have originated in today’s form from auction bridge in 1925. The Contract Bridge was invented by American Harold Vanderbilt on a steam cruise.

  • Chess

The most common belief as of today stems that Chess was the work of Indians. Back in 6th Century AD, it was known as ?Chaturanga? in India and played by kings. It is also believed that the more modern version was derived by Persians as they invaded and learned it here. It is also recognized by the IOC and played worldwide.

Today, Chess is also a reputed game to be played and taught at schools all across the world.