Windows 10 Update Upcoming April 2020: In Brief

More features are around the corner with the Windows 10 April update. Starting from more control over optional updates themselves to a whole new Cortana experience, cloud backup for reinstalling Windows and ?Disk Type? management under Task Manager. Here we take a look at the most useful and expected updates and what all can be achieved here? We shall see how Windows lets you ?Make Your Device Passwordless?. The Windows 10 update is a continuous pattern over the year with various patches as and when necessary. But, at the same time, Microsoft Windows 10 updates (called feature updates) are released twice each year.

For the manual Windows 10 updates download you can select an update in your Settings. Under ?Settings>Update & Security Windows Update>View Optional Updates? you can view the complete list. There is a notification at the very top saying ?Updates Available? when you had last checked with date and time. There is also a refresh button on the left to manually check whenever you wish. Or else, wait till you are connected to the internet and Microsoft suggests an update and agrees to it.

The April 2020 Windows 10 Update

This update specifically includes the build 19041.113 that was released on February 27, 2020. And, since has been under constant progress. This includes hardware driver updates like 20H1, monthly non-security patches, quality updates and C and D category updates as well. Some of it is automatic while some are optional, which you can select or deselect.

Now, Cortana will be offered with a chat-based typing experience in addition to a voice-based interface. Cortana has a new interface that supports Window 10?s light and dark themes as well. The language models inside the AI have been updated too, so it is supposed to work much better.

You can reinstall Windows using ?Local? or ?Cloud? by finding this option under the Recovery and Reset option under Settings. It takes it back to the factory or previously saved one.

The Linux Kernel has been Updated as Well

WSL 2 with a Linux Kernel has been pushed inside the new Windows 10 update. The new Windows Subsystem for Linux is probably the most important feature of the 20H1 Microsoft Windows 10 update. This is now even more powerful and WSL 2 uses a real Linux kernel to provide more powerful features inside the Windows 10 environment. As per Microsoft, it promises a dramatic increase in file system performance. Microsoft has also added support for ARM64 devices and it means if your CPU supports firmware support virtualization, you can do that now with Windows 10.

A Faster Search

Finally, among other things, the Windows Search experience can be expected to be much faster and instantaneous now. You can find files using Classic or Enhanced mode. This allows the search feature to crawl in the background and use that information to retrieve results much faster than before. It is a much welcome feature as more TBs get added daily.