Effects of CoronaVirus to the tech sector

Effects of CoronaVirus to the tech sector

Covid – 19 coronaviruses has continued to create havoc in the world, killing 3000 people and infecting over 90000 in 77 countries.? As the world continues to look for cure and means of containing the virus, the more it is affecting the global economy. China, which is the source of the infection and with the most infected cases, is the second-largest economy in the world after the USA. Many businesses located in China are at a standstill as the government looks for ways of controlling the virus. The tech industry is one of the most affected sectors. Over the years, China has become a tech giant in the world, and as a result, most of the top tech companies have opened their shops and manufacturing plants over there.

Mass quarantine has led to most of the tech companies closing their stores and having to cancel some of the major events which were planned for January, February, and March. Here are some of the top tech companies and how coronavirus has affected them.

  1. Apple china

China has been the biggest markets for Apple products after the USA, and with the coronavirus, most of the stores have had to be closed due to the threat of this virus. Mass quarantine and fear of infection of the coronavirus has led to many people staying indoors, and thus, no one is visiting the stores. The Apple manufacturing plant at Wuhan had to be closed to contain and control the virus. Due to all these factors, Apple might not achieve its quarterly achievement due to the infection.

  1. Facebook

The upcoming F8 developer conference has been canceled. The meeting, which was to be held in California on the 5th and 6th of May, has been canceled as a move to control the spread of the coronavirus. It is in this meeting that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg updates the world on the development and challenges that have been faced by Facebook.

  1. Tesla

Tesla Model 3 production is expected to be delayed after the Tesla factory in china had to be closed to prevent the virus from spreading. This comes just a few months after the factory produced its first Tesla vehicle.

  1. Google

Google, the largest tech company, has had to close its offices in China and requested all its workers coming from any affected company to self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to work. The company has also canceled all business travel to china and hong kong. It has also withdrawn its annual cloud conference, which was to be held in California in April.


Many events were planned, and because of coronavirus they have had to be canceled here are a few of events

  • Mobile World Congress (MWC), Barcelona, Spain, February 24-27.
  • Semicon China, Shanghai, China March 18-20,
  • Semicon Korea, Seoul, South Korea, February 5-7.
  • Black Hat Asia, Singapore, March 31 to April 3,
  • Cisco Live, Melbourne, Australia, March 3-6.
  • Geneva International Motor Show, Geneva, Switzerland,March 5-15.
  • Chinese Grand Prix,Shanghai, China April 17-19.