PlayStation Users Petition Sony to Change May?s PS Plus Games

PlayStation Users Petition Sony to Change May?s PS Plus Games

Earlier this week, Sony had revealed two games that they planned to give out for free this month. This was all set to be a part of their PlayStation Plus users. The two PlayStation free games that they announced are an unusual duo. Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19. Both these titles appeal to only a group of gamers. Thus, a significant portion of the user base is feeling disheartened and discouraged. This had led to an outrage in the PS community. The users have signed a petition on with the hope that it is going to solve the problem.

PlayStation is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to gaming. This means even a small problem is not going to go unnoticed. Moreover, the PlayStation Plus is actually a paid subscription which will enable punters to play multiplayer games online. Also, it allows them to enjoy free games every month apart from a hoard of other features.

The disappointment of the players with the selection of games offered this month has aggravated by the fact that there was a rumor before the announcement that the members might try out their hand at Dying Light and Dark Souls: Remastered in the month of May. Irrespective of the difficult challenge of Dark Soul and the zombie Gameplay of Dying Light is unique; each of these PlayStation free games might have appealed to an extensive range of players that has ultimately been chosen by Sony.

However, it was only a rumor. Sony didn?t give out any formal leaks prior to the announcement this month. Hence, the hopes of the player for the two games had only been riding the home of expectation to start with. However, there is no denying the fact that the games that Sony has decided on are surely going to be decisive choices.

Players are claiming that they are dumbfounded and forlorn about the choice of games offered. This comes as a great disappointment as a significant number of people are being forced to stay at home because of the ongoing pandemic. The users have asked players to join in the petition to bring a change. They have asked users to do it for the people who are suffering alone in this period of isolation. This petition already has 5000 signatures.

Sure, it is necessary to note down that online petitions hardly ever make much difference in things. Every day thousands of petitions are coming up and most of them don?t even reach the signing goals. Hence, if you are one of the games who are disappointed with the PlayStation Plus offering in the month of May, signing up a petition is hardly going to get you anywhere.

It is only to see what Sony?s reaction is going to be to this petition and whether it is going to make any changes. Fortunately, you can still play the PlayStation free games of April, Dirt Rally 2.0, and Uncharted 4: A Thief?s End till today.