Google Pixel Smartwatch

Google does not have any update in smartwatches technology, while it’s competitor currently occupied more than half of the smartwatches market share. Importantly, Google entered the smartphone industry with Pixels, and there are many rumors that it is going to introduce the Google Pixel Smartwatch in the market probably, maybe in the year 2020.

Most importantly, Google had made the Pixel smartphone entirely. You may later recall this Smartwatch as a smartwatch for Google pixel! Further, the pixel smartphone went under redefined with the pure Android experience. They are coming to the gold standards in the Android OS experience.

Most importantly, the Google pixel smartwatch will be based on the same formula as the pixel smartphone. Additionally, with the simple and elegant design that focuses on the smooth user experience. Mainly, the Android-iOS logo is always displayed clearly on display on the watch.

Especially transforming into the colorful setup of the watch comes each time whenever you look at the watch for all ages.

What is the exact release date of the Google Pixel Smartwatch?

Basically, there were many rumors regarding the release date of the Google Pixel smartwatch in 2018. Eventually, they were only rumors because Google itself confirmed that there would be any other Pixel Smartwatch in 2018.

Importantly, Google took a move towards the Pixel smartwatch soon because Google LLC has an agreement with Fitbit, Inc. To be acquired approximately at the value of around 2.1 billion dollars. The agreement was held in San Francisco on November 1, 2019. Consequently, that indicates that later on, the company is going to manufacture wearable products, especially Google Pixel Smartwatch.

Perhaps, it can happen in 2020 or maybe 2021. there is still no guarantee for confirmation yet.

Fitbit! What does it really mean to be?


The headquarters of Fitbit Inc. il0s in San Francisco, and it’s an American company. James Park and Eric Friedman invented Fitbit on March 26, 2007.

Most importantly, Fitbit has over twenty-eight million active users. Basically, Fitbit is at the latest technology that works as an activity tracker. Most of this technology is worn on a human wrist and works by connecting it with your smartphone device through Bluetooth. It works by using different sensors that can do many of the tasks.

Fitbit is making many products listed below:

  • Smartwatches
  • TrackersServices
  • Accessories
  • Designer collection
  • Scales
  • Most importantly, the Setup Process

    Most importantly, what actually a Fitbit Technology can do?

    • Fitbit technology can track your walk distance
    • It works to track your running time, even the steps you take while exercising
    • The number of calories you take in or burn out
    • It can even monitor the heart rate
    • Fitbit also tracks your sleeping and awakening time.
    • Through the Fitbit app, you can connect it with your smartphone.
    • Fitbit can work even if you are 30 feet away from your smartphone
    • Most importantly, it works even without a smartphone by using the Fitbit app

      Most importantly, all the above points are assuring the Google struggle at the smartwatch platform. Mainly, maybe not Google will update the alternative software that its competitors are using. Indeed, Google is going to present a lifestyle focused technology very soon.

      What are the positive points if Google Pixel smartwatch acquires Fitbit?

      Google Pixel smartwatch acquires Fitbit

      The following are the extra points that must be noted before getting the Smartwatch from today’s market.

      • Improves your sleeping time
      • Make an eye on each moment of your day
      • 24/7 Heart rate tracking technology
      • Fitbit app with a lot of features
      • Frequently benefits of heart rate tracking
      • Activity guideline
      • Daily progress

        Now the question is, what is google pixel?

        google pixel

        Importantly, Google pixel works as a consumer’s electronic device, which is developed by Google. It runs on either an Android operating system and Android OS as well.

        Notably, Google launched its first-generation termed Chromebook Pixel in February 2013. Mainly, Pixel lines add up tablets, laptops, smartphones, and several accessories as well.

        Is Google pixel smartwatch works as a Patently Mobile?

        The United States Patent Office published a new Google patent application that has something to do with wearables in August 2020.

        The patent itself is revealed by patently mobile. However, the feature may be software-induced and maybe the patent for a future update to the Google wear OS.

        Additionally, the new patent grants the company alliances to adapt hand gestures.

        However, the patent involves the presence of a dedicated chip to set that gestures. This is also becoming a hint for an upcoming Google Pixel smartwatch.

        The patent works as embedding an optical sensor and uses an algorithm to sense gestures from users’ figures.

        This is similar to the implementation of solar radar chips. Google has also used Google Pixel 4 smartphones. Further, the new gestures reportedly also work with the movements of the wrist.

        Expected spec and features of Google Pixel smartwatch

        Google Pixel smartwatch

        Most importantly, to beat the competitors, Google is going to launch the Smartwatch with many more advanced features to capture the market. Especially, it works as a smart move. Further, Google is right now working on three sorts of pixel watch models.

        • Code-named ling
        • Triton
        • Sardine

          Additionally, The Pixel Smartwatch is going to be the first wearable device from Google in the market. Importantly, it is unknown what exactly the Google pixel smartwatch codes will represent the exact specifications and sizes, whether these are going to be the same or not.

          • Always-on display

          Importantly, you may never experience the Smartwatch that provides this unique feature. You always need to touch the screen to watch the time or to do any other task. But, Google here defeated all its competitors by providing its users an amazing experience through this diversifying Smartwatch.

          • Operate through hand gestures

          Importantly, you can run and operate the Google smartwatch through your hand movement or hand gestures. Especially, there are many hand and wrist gestures through that you will run your Google Pixel Smartwatch as you want to.

          • Touch screen support

          Most importantly, the full touch screen support is here for complete wear play. It works as a wearable computer with the support of the latest technologies.

          • RAM

          Most importantly, Random access memory RAM’s chances are rumored to be about 1GB that is great for being an effective processor.

          • WiFi and LTE

          Importantly, you can connect your Smartwatch to your smartphone through WiFi or LTE. Importantly, you can enjoy and entertain yourself through the internet, especially by browsing your favorite tracks and celebrities’ info. Furthermore, LTE provides the latest internet speed, which is a basic need nowadays.

          • Frequent software update

          Most importantly, as it’s a Google brand, it’s the software that will definitely keep you updated with the latest software.

          • Heart rate monitoring

          Heart rate monitoring

          Foundationally, heart rate monitoring is the base feature of the Google Pixel watch, as it monitors your heart rate of each minute right from your wrist. Wherever you go, whatever is the surrounding, you can check your heart rate by turning it on.

          • Connectivity

          A special feature of Bluetooth support allows you to connect your watch with your smartphone. This makes you leave your phone at home while going to walk or for exercise.

          • MAP

          Most importantly, the premium feature of the Google Pixel smartwatch will surely hold the Map navigator as Google Wear OS has this in-built feature. So, this watch is the right choice for Navigator users.

          Other Premium Features

          Google voice assistant

          • Google voice assistant

          Importantly, rumors are spreading about Google pixel smartwatch is going to have Google voice assistance feature. Moreover, it allows you to assist your watch orally. You do not need to type or assist it through each time screen touch.

          Patent Gestures

          • Patent Gestures

          Reportedly, the Google wearable smartwatch will work completely on sensors controlled by users’ wrist, arm, and hand motion gestures. Especially, the gestures will be registered on the user’s wrist. Through which the motion sensors presented by Google will authorize the physical actions.

          Importantly, for easy users experience, the gestures will also operate the Google Assistant.

          However, Google is going to anticipate a lot of gestures of the Google Pixel smartwatch. One of them is holding gestures that could be used to hold and release. Further, it could be used to disengage the earlier feature.

          Similarly, Tap gestures let users quickly tap their index finger and trigger a function. A series of similar taps in quick success may trigger different functions.

          • Just take a photo!

          Most importantly, just take a photo, either click a shot through a camera below the glass of the Google Pixel Smartwatch. It works as a mind-blowing feature that may not be featuring in even upcoming smartwatches of other brands.

          • Design

          Smart Watch Design

          Importantly, Google has launched the expected design of its upcoming best Smartwatch for google pixel. Google approach to the Tsai for best results. But it is still not finalized yet.

          As some pictures of Google pixel smartwatch leaked on the online market, accordingly, we can say Google wants to present the Smartwatch with a unique, simple, and playful design. The design includes the following aspects:

          • AOD feature

          Whenever you need to watch the time, you definitely need first to touch your smartwatch display screen to turn it on, and then it would show you time. But here, Google anticipates the AOD technology, allowing you to watch the time without touching it. Moreover, it will let you see the time through its Always-on display. Especially, whether it’s day or night, it will automatically adjust the light.

          • 40MM circular display

          The best Google Pixel smartwatch is going to arrive with circular display features. The soft-touch corners of the circular area give a soft, touchable feel.

          • Matte glass

          Additionally, the matte glass screen always provides a great match with bands’ colors whenever the AOD mode turns on. The color variations and matte, glossy material provide a creamy feel with a sleek look to this best Google Pixel smartwatch.

          • Display with bands

          Smart Watch

          Google will introduce a smartwatch that can be worn with all outfits for all occasions and ages. As you can change the display as you want to because the display bands are going to be available in many colors. You can choose the one that suits you.

          • Color Matching

          Basically, this Google Pixel smartwatch will be designed for all genders. By the user’s attraction, the Google Pixel smartwatch is expecting to come with three amazing colors. These colors are specially chosen that will suit all ages according to their styling habits and preferences.

          • Milk White
          • Sweet Papaya
          • Boba Black
            • Multi-display

            Uniquely, the Google Pixel Smartwatch is going to provide its customers with the eye-catchy multi-display. Because whenever you look at your Smartwatch, it will automatically show you the time in different colors and looks each time.

            • Accessories

            Primarily, the Google Pixel smartphones came with a lot of accessories to upgrade the phone’s looks by time. Similarly, Google Pixel Smartwatch expects to come with many accessories that any user looks curious for always.

            • Nesting forms

            Importantly, the Google Pixel Smartwatch is expecting nesting form throughout. You can control all functions as these are going to be holding by the round shape nest. Furthermore, just one move on this round shape display can take you to a wide range of features that you always need to clutch your health and fitness to the right track.

            Google Pixel Smartwatch Wear OS

            Moreover, what Google is doing with this Smartwatch is introducing its Wear OS, especially to introduce the different software.

            Now, it’s important to need to know what the Wear OS is going to feature this best Smartwatch for Google Pixel.

            Stay onward with dynamic help

            Google Pixel watch 2020

            Most importantly, Google Pixel smartwatch contains the special feature of Google Assistant that lets you handsfree access to use the Smartwatch. It especially provides you a dynamic help to stay onward leading. Most importantly, there is a feature of heart rate monitoring through Google fit that lets you stay updated with your heart rate.

            Clutch your day as you want to

            In addition, you can use and add many apps and payment methods through it. Further, you can clutch your day as you need to. The methods to set up your day are:

            • Calendar
            • Google Pay
            • Keep your notes of the daily routine
            • Google map for a perfect direction
            • Uber to go anywhere with ease

              One glance to keep you connected

              Additionally, you don’t need to pick up your phone to get connected with your calls, messaging, and emails while using Google pixel smartwatch. Moreover, These features work to make you stay updated with your surroundings.

              Works as your fitness partner

              Most importantly, the Google Pixel Smartwatch carries the features that are like a precious pearl regarding your fitness and health. Especially, there are a lot of apps that help you to get huge motivation. You can track your health to get to know the level of staying balanced through your wrist. Some of the apps are:

              • Google Fit: Through Google Fit, you can monitor your current and previous heart rate records.
              • Runtastic app: Furthermore, through the Runtastic app, you can count the duration of exercise and kilometers as well.
              • Lifesum app: Most importantly, by the Lifesum app, it suggests to you which food to intake and how many calories to intake on the current day.
              • Stava app: One of the unique features the Wear OS holds is the Strava app that updates you about heartbeat per minute each along with the duration as well.

                Stream the music during exercise

                music during watch

                Always feel rock out with your best Google pixel smartwatch by downloading or streaming bulk of music from your wrist through a great number of apps. Further, you can stay motivated even on the last point of the last mile. The some of build-up apps are:

                • Play Music: Importantly, through Play Music, you can stream any downloaded music at any time. Further, you can shuffle the music list to stay carry one your exercise with continuous music playback.
                • Spotify: If you love to discover the music or the new music, then the Spotify app is the right choice introduced by Google in their upcoming Google Pixel Smartwatch. Through it, you can play and broadcast the music on any side of the world.
                • Pandora: In addition, this best Smartwatch for Google pixel also holds the Pandora app to entertain its user through broadcast music from all over the world. Especially, you can download your favorite music wherever you are. It lets you up to date with your favorite music.
                • iHeartRadio: This app works as the official app for iHeartMedia Events. Furthermore, it provides VIP access to your favorite artist information, arena maps, and especially about showtimes. Most importantly, it lets you keep listening to free Radio stations and also online music.

                  Sport Watch

                  Make your style with an uncompromised way

                  Google Wear OS gives you the confidence to be let you be you, with the bulk of styles with continuous updates of whether it’s fashion or fitness or even fun. Especially, Google pixel smartwatch updates you with your favorite brands.

                  Works on all smartphones

                  The features Wear OS by Google lets your smartwatch work on both Android (Android 6.0+) and iPhone. Importantly, the supporting features may vary from country to country.

                  Is Google Pixel Smartwatch compatible with Google Pixel?

                  Importantly, some reports about the launching of the next version of Google Pixel 5 may hold the latest 5G technology in the coming year 2021. Google Pixel 4 series was one of the best smartphones of 2020 due to its unique features that the other brands in the market still don’t have yet.

                  Additionally, the Google pixel smartwatch is going to be compatible with all the Google Pixel series. Therefore you can term it as the best Smartwatch for google pixel also.

                  Notably, Google launched two smartphones from the line of the pixel series in 2016. This smart timepiece is compatible with the following Google Pixel smartphones.

                  • The easiest Google pixel and Google pixel xl 2016.
                  • Google Pixel 2, 2xl series 2018
                  • Google Pixel 3, 3xl series 2019
                  • And Google Pixel 4 series 2020

                    What are Smartwatches compatible with google pixel 2?

                    Basically, here are a lot of smartwatches compatible with Google Pixel 2. Some of them are:

                    Garmin Fenix 5: It’s a smartwatch made of plastic material and comes with 12 ounces weight. It holds a proprietary OS system that works with Google pixel 2 smoothly.

                    Samsung Gear Sport: Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch holds 1.5 GB RAM and works with Android OS 4.4 and 4.4 plus. That means it definitely works with Google pixel 2.

                    Ticwatch E: is famous for the best budget smartwatch. It’s a lightweight, stylish look and high customized Smartwatch that works with Google pixel 2.

                    Fitbit Versa: Fitbit versa comes with a 1.34 display size with a color touchscreen of 300×300 pixels. It’s a smartwatch that comes with great fitness features. Especially, it is compatible with Google pixel 2.

                    Is Google Pixel Smartwatch works as the best Smartwatch for google pixel 3?

                    Google Pixel 3 was launched in October 2018. Fundamentally, the Google Pixel 3 series holds upgraded technologies such as GSM, HSPA, EVDO, CDMA, and LTE. Furthermore, it holds Android 9.0 OS that is going to update to Android 11 in the coming time.

                    Consequently, because of the latest technologies, Google Pixel Smartwatch is compatible with Google pixel 3. Similarly, it’s also the Smartwatch for Google pixel 3xl.

                    Is Google Pixel smartwatch compatible with iPhone?

                    I Phone 11

                    As Google moves to OS Wear is an upgraded version of OS. Google is manufacturing its own chips and includes the latest features and techniques in them. On account of it, this best Smartwatch for Google pixel may be going to rock even with the iPhone.